God Didnt Allow my Car to Be Repossessed

I just want to share how grateful I am to the Almighty God. He has been so gracious and amazing to my life even though I have been struggling to honour his word but I believe he is [affecting all that which concerns me. I lost a a job last year September with a massive of commitments I have to honour, including the repayment of my car. I just prayed to God that they would not repossess it until I find my next job.

Today its the end of March and I still have my care, I am looking forward to resume on m new job in the beginning of April and I would be able to repay my Installments in Full. I just ask you brethren to pray for me for deliverance from doing things that doesn’t please him. May all honour glory and Majesty be unto the living God Almighty.

Thank you.


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