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Boyfriend Left Me. Walking in Christ

So… God led me through a really hard time in my life recently. I don’t really want to get into details, but my boyfriend left me a week before our 3 years and 7 “monthoversary”. I was completely devastated. I couldn’t breathe and sleep. This all happened like a week and a half from today.

Right now, I’m seeking God’s will because I want what GOD wants for me because I know that without His blessing, my marriage won’t be blessed. I know this was God’s will for this to happen because it opened my eyes to the relationship that I didn’t have with Christ. I still love him so much and miss his like crazy. I’m trying my best to trust in God and just give Him my whole life but some days I just lose it. I don’t know what to do or how to act. We go to the same church, and I have to see him almost every day.

I really want to get married and start a family and I’m ready for that in my life. I still have hope sometimes that me and my ex will get together again after Gods works on us both individually. But on the other hand, He might not bring us together again. It’s so hard! But I put everything in God’s hands. I just need patience to wait on God and to stay close to Him. Please pray for me everyone who reads this. I need the Lord’s guidance and strength.


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