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Believe on the Lord for Healing

Over the years since about 2017 my Mom, who was previously independent and relatively healthy after struggling with being diagnosed with bipolar disease, has been in and out of the hospital. It started around that year when taking too many pain medications such as gabapentin for chronic pain eventually, having a stroke while on a ventilator. I watched the Lord heal her from not being able to completely move her right side to learning to walk again, talk and swallow at Molinas guild care facility and after with home therapy. Thank you, Jesus.

Over the years since then, she had various hospital admissions, generally, with pneumonia and COPD exacerbations, as she has also struggled with smoking. She was recently admitted again in April 2024 from influenza A. During so many of these admissions, she was on a ventilator once with the physician even proposing a tracheostomy. But I declined and believed on the Lord Jesus for healing. As we are believers. We trust in his providence and his timing.

Sure enough, every single time the Lord has taken my mom off of a ventilator, including this most recent admission, she struggled substantially with mobility now and has since she had a stroke around 2000 and 17. So she is now as of today in a nursing home, Lord willing temporarily, getting rehabilitation.

She was originally discharged two weeks ago. And had a change in consciousness with confusion. I recognized something being wrong when she was at that first nursing home and had her go back to the hospital I prayed for her healing. Overall, these many, many years I’ve continued to pray for her to stop smoking. I pray recent admissions are helping to contribute to that prayer being answered. She was found to have a urinary tract infection.

Confusion can be one of the first presenting signs, especially in older people. So she spent the last week in the hospital getting antibiotics and also treatment for pressure ulcer that has developed over this time. I claim healing in advance over this in Jesus’ name. With every hospital admission, we always make sure to have the Chaplain involved for prayer support. Prayer is more important than any medication or surgical or medical intervention.

We continue to believe on the Lord for healing and just want to remind anyone reading this. He is a healer no matter what the textbooks, the reports the medical team may say. We see over and over Jesus examples of his healing in the Bible. I ask for a continued prayers over my Mom, Rosetta. And thank you for reading this. May the Lord bless you abundantly as we all continue to grow in our faith walk with Him.

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