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Short Christian Testimonies, April 2022

A Single Mother’s Faith

Today am standing here to give honor and glory to the Almighty God of showing favor upon me and my entire family. We grew up with a single mother of five children and she had to go everywhere and look for work so that we could survive. But things became worse because my mother was a born-again Christian in the early 1990’s and during that time to be allowed to work, you must be Moslem, protestant or catholic.

To cut short, things became worse but insisted to trust in the Almighty God who saved mother in all wrangles of war during 1980’s and she said the one who saved my life in war can save us in all situations. Surely, He will deliver us from the terrible situation. But now we’re all fine with our single mother, though we left her because now we’re mature and married with stable families and give back glory and honor to the Almighty God.

Ssebuufu collins victor

God Gave Me a First Class Result

I have a Testimony to Share. Indeed, God has been faithful, and He indeed showed up for Me. I have been praying to God to make a First Class result again.

Just into the exams I had a computer issue with an exam (A 3 unit course) which made me not to finish it. I was very sad and devastated. I cried and was very scared, It was a course I aimed to have an A(or at least a B).

Now at the look of things I can’t say what is going to happen. My greatest fear was having below 50 (Courses below 50 are going go to be reseated for the next year). I prayed, fasted, worshipped.

Long story short the result was released, and I made a C. All hopes were down on me making a first class due to the C. I kept praying and reminding God how he helped me in the past in similar situations, because He is God and He does change.

God showed up.

I checked the last result released and it summed my result to a first Class. God indeed is not a Scam. Hallelujah.

To someone believing for a miracle like mine, don’t lose hope. God is too Faithful to Fail.


Passed Board Exams

By the grace of God, I passed both my boards exams. I put my trust in God and he saw me through. It was not by my own doing or strength.

I failed my first try, I felt let down and disappointed, but God gave me the strength to continue. He made me the head and not the tail. God is always on time!

Sometimes when we experience failure we don’t understand why or feel as if God has let us down. Let me remind you that he is always by our side and will NEVER let us down!! If you are trusting God for a miracle, continue to trust Him. He will SHOW up!


God is Amazing

I remembered 2019 I was very sick I thought I have covid my relative almost don’t want to see me and visit me they all think I might have covid. They were afraid of me. Even me, I think to myself I might have covid.

When I go to the online doctors’ checkup and explained what I felt, the doctor said I might have asthma and the doctor gave me medication like antibiotics first month. I’m ok after 2 months my sickness back again I can’t breathe properly. I feel like dying but I’m thinking if I have a covid all my roommates they will get covid too if I have it, but they’re all ok. Now I’m completely healed and healthy from my asthma! To God be the glory!

Carol Costanilla

Exam Help

God helped me. I want to thank God for helping me in my exams beyond my expectations last year. I also want to thank God for answering my prayers, miracles He did and for his promises to me. Also, I am thanking God for his promises to me for my exam in few weeks and the excellent results he promised me. Glory be to God

Blessing Ajisola

Glasses Free

I started wearing glasses at the age ten then around mid 20 I found Jesus I started praying for healing for my eyes so I can stop wearing glasses it didn’t take long but now I’m glasses free only because of Jesus he’s even healed with my seizures it’s awesome Jesus is awesome he’s a healer I love Jesus amen


Healing from Severe Cold, Cough and Breathing Problem

I had severe cold, cough from 2 weeks and I was pregnant… And unable to use the medicines as normal person. But went to doctor and got medicine but no use… Cold is becoming more and more, nose blockage I was not able to breath also… It came a serious problem to me

Finally, I stopped medicine and just I dropped anointed oil in my two nostrils the next day… I was taking clear breath and cold was gone with in 2 days…. Jesus did a miracle for me… Glory to God. Amen


Hepatitis B Healing

I was diagnosed of hepatitis B after my vacation. I was asked to proceed to see the specialist for my treatment. But I prayed for healing and OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST HEALED ME. I dreamt our Angels performing surgical operation on me and removing a lot of maggots.

After the dream I got better. Went to see my doctor who recommended another test. The new test revealed that l was completely healed. Praise God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is our healer.

Okechukwu F C

Be Still and Know that Am God

Thru God I practiced psalm 46:10 for years and then in 2010 God said to me “evening of primrose oil”. I swallowed a soft gel of this and the pain in my feet of neuropathy stopped. I don’t have foot ulcers anymore either. Thank you, Father God in Jesus Name.

David G Smalley Jr

No More Fainting

God delivered me from being sick ever since in my childhood and I used to visit the hospital. And when someone threatens me, I faint and collapse but today am totally delivered and I thank God for my life.

Ssebuufu collins victor

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