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Short Christian Testimonies, September 2023

Thank You, God

I would like to thank God for giving my mum a car that makes it easier for her to work and to get around and gracing her with the strength to overcome anything. I also thank him for healing me from any stomach discomfort, pain grumbling and his love upon my life.


Through It All, God Was with Us

Back in 1997 to 1999, me and my husband were doing very well financially. We owned a business, we owned a mobile home that we financed for a couple, and we bought our first “real” home. The economy really slowed down, and we had to list our pretty home for sale; and we had to close our business.

I believed in God, and I was so mad at Him! I knew since He could part the sea, bring the dead to life, shut lion’s mouths, move mountains, etc… He could’ve chosen to help us not lose our home or business.

It took me a while to realize He was working all things for my good. The couple that was buying the trailer from us, had to move. It worked out that we had a home to go back to. (God provided a roof. My husband found another job (God provided financially). The house that we had to sell, sold/closed 1 day before foreclosure., so it didn’t count against us. Through it all God was with us, and He always has been. We have had so many more testimonies I could write about, but it would be a novel…

Kathy M. Youngblood

My Testimony Is not about Me but It’s about Him. Jesus.

I am not worthy to unwrap one of His sandals. I take this opportunity to brag on Jesus. HIM CRUCIFIED. We put Him there. Our sins, every one of them even the ones you and I are committing right now. Jesus is the only ONE, who can help us. We do not Love our neighbor as ourselves. We do not Love God with all our hearts.

We have soo many idols. We all need to repent daily and believe in Christ to save us, help us. MY hope is all who read this. REPENTS OF THEIR SINS. I have wonderful GOOD news to share. If you repent Jesus can and does forgives you of your sins. Because of His crucifixion He offers forgiveness and for you to be Justified through Him. All you have to do is believe.

For those who have believed after what was shared here. Leave A COMMENT, so I can pray for you. FIND A GOOD CHURCH that teaches and preaches the Word of God. I PERSONALLY recommend Chris Rosebrough He is a pastor small church in Oslo Minnesota. Find Him online.


Alcohol Ruined my Life

May God bless you all. I was an alcoholic for 20 years. Nothing or no could help me. 3 divorces because of my drinking. Hit by a car crossing the road drunk. Went to see the fertility doctor drunk. He did not want to work with me till I go rehab. So I went rehab again. Came out and started drinking again. Now my eggs stopped developing. No kids. Alcohol ruined my life. Now I have been delivered and have to start over at my age.


Looking Back, I Know God Was Healing Me

When I was born, the doctors told me I couldn’t breathe so they put a trach on me. A Trach is a breathing tube that helps you breathe. Throughout a little bit of my childhood, I had to use a suction machine to take out the mucus. Now that part is important because you can easily lose oxygen.

So fast forward for when I got a little older when the doctor finally decided to test if I could breathe properly without the trach, I Believe That God Saved Me and Healed My Health. Back then I didn’t know much about The Lord but Now When I look back, I knew that God Was healing me from losing oxygen. Praise The Lord for He Heals Everyone.



Survived a Truck Accident

Hallelujah!! Praise the living God. I have come to return praise to God for all the wondrous works he has done in my life. I recently lost a brother and was travelling back home with some friends for his funeral.

We had an accident along the way, our car was behind a long trailer (truck) in the speed lane. Unknown to us, a pedestrian who we later discovered was deaf ran in to cross the road after the trailer not realizing that our car was in the behind. Unfortunately, and tragically, it was a head on collision as there was no time and space to maneuver to avoid the collision.

Except for minor scratches from the splintered windscreen none of the five persons in our car were hurt. This spot is notorious for accidents as we were later told by the police, three days after the accident another accident happened around the same place with three casualties.

So, like the Samaritan woman and the leper I have come to return all glory to God for all he has done for me and implore you all to help me thank Him for finding me worthy of being among the living. I also pray he will continue to deliver us all from the fowler’s snare in Jesus’ name. Amen.

George Imoh

Lord, Help Me to Travel

I am a born-again child of God. I am fearfully and wonderfully created by the almighty God. I exalt His name for saving me and caring for me till now. Once I was traveling in s train, though I booked one ticket online, but a seat wasn’t confirmed. The train arrived and I got into it. There was no other option for me. I had only Rs. 500 with me. Then I cried out to the Lord. Lord help, me, I am your servant, and I don’t have any near or dear one with me. I am alone. Kindly help me to travel. After some time, God sent a man of God, who was a stranger for me. But God used that particular person to get an open ticket for me. He was an angel of at that moment for me. Glory to God. Amen.


I Put My Trust in God

God has blessed me greatly and answered my requests. I recently completed my final law exam and was very worried I would do badly. Whilst in the exam, my mind went blank, and I completely forgot key aspects of the topic. I left the exam afraid, but God gave me strength. I fasted, prayed and continuously thanked God for the victory that would come.

I put my trust in God, and I checked my results today and I had achieved much more than I prayed for (I was two marks off a First-class result). This was not by my own doing or strength, but by God blessing me.

I advise anyone who is worried about exam results to fast and continuously pray to God.

The key scriptures that helped me were:
– Philippians 4:6.
– Philippians 4:3.
– Matthew 14:22-36.
– John 14:27

Here are some sermons that helped me as well:
– Challenge The Shadow – Elevation Church.
– I Need Strength – Steven Furtick.

Before worrying, bring your situation and requests to God, humble yourself before him and leave the situation in His hands. Trust that God will bless you and meet your needs.


You Sent for Me Lord

While lying in bed around 1:30 I experienced a pain in my heart so strong I could not motion a tear. I agonized in pain for several seconds and then it just stopped. Calm. I immediately fell asleep. I remember dreaming I was in a wallless enclosed room with a clear door, but I could not see thru. The door opens and I knew, without thinking that it was my Lord. He said why do you come to me. I said, “You sent for me lord, I am here. He said, “You are our favored, but you are not prepared or ready. You need 50 or so years of growth and development; you must return.” I seem to have blacked out in my dream and was awaken to the smell of bacon cooking downstairs. How do I process this? I discussed the matter with family and my brother-in-law shared a similar experience around 1:30.

Henry Howard

Repent to Fulfill the Purpose of God

Hi brethren of God.
I want to express my gladness to Almighty God for founding me from the darkness of Satan and putting me in his kingdom. Firstly, let me share with you all my Christian life now. I was among my friends that don’t know God. So, one day I was in the youth program, and during the camp it was a beautiful morning. I attended Bible study class, and during that period I heard a sound in my ears saying repent to fulfill the purpose of God. And that was the day I made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ. And since then, things are flowing miraculously in my life and now I’m a minister of God.

Glory be to God.
Gabriel Bernard Mark
From Akwa Ibom State.

The Goodness of God

I greet you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Today I just want to express to you the goodness of God.

I am 70 years old and retired recently. I’m a nurse and I worked throughout covid-19 in ICU. I also got a lot of commodities like hypertension, diabetes, COPD and asthma.

God is so good…. I never had covid.
I praise god and honour him.

Victor August

Delivered from Stealing People’s Video Game Currency Coins

So back when I was young, I had a Habit of Stealing from other people. but this was inside a virtual video game. I would steal people’s video game currency coins then I would give it to myself. I was like (oh I will steal 1-2 more times I know it is a sin I will stop) but I wouldn’t. I’m glad that God healed me from this. I do not steal anymore and now I have a good life where I have Christian friends, where i read bible daily, pray daily and spend time with God! I’m really happy. This is MY Testimony.


Completely Healed of Cancer

The Lord healed me completely of cancer of the salivary gland, had a successful surgery but the enemy struck shortly after and I lost my speech, that sent me tumbling down with depression and anxiety as it took my self-confidence away.

Specialists were planning another major surgery to TRY to correct the speech impairment, which in their view was a gamble because according to one of them from experience if anything it would get worse.

I relied heavily on the scriptures that said, by His stripes, we are healed and that which said I am you God that healeth thee.

Fast forward to present, not only has my speech been restored. My confidence is back, and I give God all the glory.
Truly His Grace is sufficient for all. If you touch His grace, your life will definitely change.

Sam Amponsah

Invited Jesus Birthday Party

When I was about seven years old, my mom had a party for me a birthday party, and she invited some of my girlfriends over and after a while my mother played a gospel song. Then the girls gathered all together in a circle including me and they said she’s playing gospel music at your birthday party, as if it was a problem. I said I don’t mind I can praise God any time with no problem, and I told them if they didn’t like it that by all means they can go home. And they were staring, and I just went to my mom and started to dance and sing the gospel music with her church music.


Three Voices

So, when I was younger, I was about like 11 years old and I got up from bed to go to the restroom. And as I was going to the restroom, I heard a voice that said, “Grab that knife and go to your brother’s room to kill him.” And then I heard another voice, that said, “No don’t listen to that, run to your mom and tell her what you just heard.”

So, I choose to do the godly thing and I ran to my mom, and I told her what I heard, and she explained to me that there are three voices I’m going to hear in life: my voice, God’s voice, and the enemy’s voice. The enemy’s voice is the voice that I heard that told me to grab the knife and to kill my brother. God‘s voice is the voice that I heard that says no run to your Mom and my thoughts and soul. When she let me know that, I realized at a young age to differentiate between God, the enemy and myself, and I thank God that I have the chance to know God and choose God as he already chose me.


I Fell While Climbing Trees. God Saved Me

God came to my rescue when I was climbing trees, I suppose as some form of childhood stress relief on my part, and an eternal assurance of love on his part. He warned my spirit and up I went with a determination as sure as his love could be proven.

The branch in my left hand broke offsetting my balance and in a small voice I said,


Then I felt as though I were being held the way you see a husband carrying his new wife through the threshold to their own home. God gently but firmly guided my face downward to show me that I was being saved from impalement and I headed towards the ground diagonally, in what felt like slow motion.

He perched me on the ground so gently with so much care and love in only a way he could. While marveling I said thank you to God. His response was to fill me with love deeper than words.


Academic Breakthrough

After my last semester exams, I had mixed feelings, would have a have a high score to give me a first class CGPA? I believe in the power of prayer, and I prayed earnestly for a good result, I prayed for mercy and favor, I even fasted in some days. Literally any time I have the opportunity to pray, I always prayed about my results.

I saw my results yesterday and indeed God is too faithful to fail, I prayed to have at least 7 or 8 As, I had 9As, God did it. Hold on to God In prayers and His word and He won’t let you down. Anyone expecting a similar testimony receive it in Jesus Name.


Prayed for Lower Blood Sugar

I checked my blood sugar level, and it was very high, and I became a prediabetic (over 200) 2 years ago. Then I prayed to God for His help. Today I checked and my blood sugar level is normal (108).


He Knows even the Smallest Detail

Growing up, I used to be the one who gives gifts. And so, one day, I asked GOD to give me a birthday gift. On my birthday, our younger sister came to me and gave me a piece of cake and a shirt. She also treated me to a nearby fast-food chain. I did not expect that.

Last year, I asked GOD for a birthday gift again. No one in our team knew that it’s my birthday on that day. To my surprise our team leader gave each of us a glass with our name on it. I was very happy since it’s my birthday.

This year, days before my birthday, I asked LORD JESUS again to give me a gift. Now I forgot all about that prayer and I even forgot my birthday. One evening, my church friend and I met at a coffee shop and to my amazement, she gave me a cake as a birthday gift!!!

I am so thrilled! I never did expect that. LORD JESUS is so good and cares enough to make my birthday special!

Always remember, you are not alone. GOD sees you and has always been with you and knows even the smallest detail about you.



Seizures No Longer

I was at the hospital last summer and I have a breakthrough seizure. I was at the hospital for 2-3 days. As I was there, I ask God to please heal me and protect me. I needed His healing hand to touch me from head to toe. Thank you, Jesus, for your healing hand. Now, I no longer have seizures!!!???


Please God, Give Me Strength to Swim

I remembered more than 6 years ago, I was at the swimming tournament, and I was very excited and nervous. So, I found a book and I forgot what it is called. Anyway, I read the verse from Philippians 4:13 NLT,

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

I repeated this verse over and over again. I prayed to God and asked Him to please give me strength to swim. When it was my turn, I felt confident that I could do this. I began swimming very fast and won.

Thank you, God!!!


God’s Help in Passing Certification

I am currently in a product specific training, and it’s our certification week. I actually have a different learning style, so I had many questions. I always pray to GOD but this time, I was extra desperate. I asked GOD to help me pass the certification so that I could keep my job.

Next day after, I was told I passed the certification, I know it is all GOD JESUS CHRIST. I am very thankful that the LORD JESUS CHRIST has given me favor on our certification week. As always, GOD is a very hands-on GOD.


God Saved Me from Homelessness!

My family, I thought, wasn’t going to take me back in, but my sweet grandmother wanted what was best for me! If it were not for God, I would still be on the streets right now (or worse). Praise the Lord!!!


Saved from a House Fire

My Testimony goes like this. On a Sunday, there was nap in our house, and I was sleeping. There was a fan behind me, and the fan removed great fire but didn’t Kill me nor even burn me nor give me any wound. To God be the Glory for saving my life. There is no one like him. By now I could have been dead but God Saved my Life. May his name be highly praised.

Nduke Israel Saturday

Kindness through Letters

I am Allison I am the founder of KTLM (Kindness through Letters Mission) a mission I started by myself to encourage and spread God’s love to people all over the USA since I started KTLM (Kindness through Letters mission) I am also disabled I have sent over 1,000 letters and cards. I am from Arkansas I love spreading God’s love throughout the world.

I started by sending letters to soldiers, prisoners and sick kids my goal with this mission is to bless as many people as I can as I slowly expand this mission into a future nonprofit as I spread God’s love and kindness throughout the world

God led me to share my story of my faith-based mission KTLM

Have a blessed day

By the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony

Most of us have heard that song “By the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony”, right? Well, I can tell you that problems in my work and sin that I did not understand is sin months ago has been confessed.

This past Sunday one of our pastors gave a sermon that struck me at the end. It helped answer my questions “why am I being dished out problem after problem” the attacks of the enemy are nonstop and spent months praying and pleading with God and the answer finally arrived this past Sunday at church. At the end of the sermon this pastor mentioned how he always went through problem after problem and he was always trying to dig himself out of the problems, but the problems did not go away.

Why, because he focused on his own problems rather than God’s will which is to share Jesus. Sure, you are repenting if there is sin, sure you are praying on your knees twice daily. Yes, the enemies’ attacks are numerous. Asking daily, Father cover me and wash me with the Blood of the Lamb. Rebuking the enemy. In the past I was more available to share “the word of my testimony” and even walked strangers into a relationship with Christ on occasions.

But the business of life and work has consumed me. Always trying my best to complete tasks in order to come up for a breath. The goal is to sell the businesses so that I can have more time with God, family, yes work planting seeds into non-believers, as I have done in the past with strangers and family members. But the testimony part was not in my recent past, say last 2-3 years and thus brings me to why it’s so important to have both “By the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony”, everyone can overcome.


Blessed with an Unexpected Job

I used to pray for a job from God until I applied as a security officer, for a certain company. By God’s grace instead of being a security officer, they picked me to be the operations clerk (someone who looks after security payroll). To all those who are praying for a job, don’t give up. One day a door will open for you, for God never slumbers upon his own.


Hi my name is Wallder

*In 2001

I was born to religious, hard-working parents.
Till gradeschool, I wanted to stay as desirable upstanding boy.
Adolescence can be a challenge for parents.
A youngster may at times be a source of frustration and exasperation
not to mention financial stress. But these years also bring many
many moments of joy, pride, laughter and closeness

*In 2015

I found substance abuse the next most popular substances
differ between age groups, then I thought
most people were ready to take on the
responsibilities of adulthood. Why not me.

*In 2016

My life got further out of control with each passing year.
Relying on a substance to feel good or cope effectively with everyday life.
The habitual use of a mood chemical abuse.
Knowing the harmful consequences developed a dependence
With no direction and no aspirations.
And over the next four years, and so on.
My life spiraled out of control
I was so disappointed with the faith that
I went from being a’good religious kid’to the opposite extreme.
I had driven away everyone who cared about me
suddenly lost confidence and felt dispirited,

*Mid 2017

I would discover that while I was running from God
he had been working on others close to me.
I attended church services. And I was blessed to have
a few mentors in the church who discipled and enlightenment me over
anxiety and fear confession time with the priest
faithfully shared the gospel with me and guideline
inner prayer and I started exercising self-control.

*Early 2018

The Chruch people there sincerely loved God.
They were kind and not hypocritical.
They actually loved and welcomed me.
I thought these Christians are having fun
and enjoying their relationship with God.
God seems so real to them.

*Late 2018

I distinctly remember a feeling of internal struggle within my soul.
I heard that God loves me so much that he sent Jesus to die for my sins.
I understood that by trusting in Jesus all of my sins would be forgiven,
And that I would be accepted by God and made right with him.
And yet I couldn’t escape feeling like God had cornered me with his love
and I had no choice but to lay down my resistance and surrender.
I discovered that even the fiercest resistance or the
coldest indifference is irrelevant,
once God decides to act in your life.
I was replaying the last 4 years of my past.
My life was in order for the first time.
I had saved myself I began noticing a different
more peaceful environment at home.
My life today is a testimony to God’s goodness and grace.

A Single Mother’s Faith

Today am standing here to give honor and glory to the Almighty God of showing favor upon me and my entire family. We grew up with a single mother of five children and she had to go everywhere and look for work so that we could survive. But things became worse because my mother was a born-again Christian in the early 1990’s and during that time to be allowed to work, you must be Moslem, protestant or catholic.

To cut short, things became worse but insisted to trust in the Almighty God who saved mother in all wrangles of war during 1980’s and she said the one who saved my life in war can save us in all situations. Surely, He will deliver us from the terrible situation. But now we’re all fine with our single mother, though we left her because now we’re mature and married with stable families and give back glory and honor to the Almighty God.

Ssebuufu collins victor

God Gave Me a First Class Result

I have a Testimony to Share. Indeed, God has been faithful, and He indeed showed up for Me. I have been praying to God to make a First Class result again.

Just into the exams I had a computer issue with an exam (A 3 unit course) which made me not to finish it. I was very sad and devastated. I cried and was very scared, It was a course I aimed to have an A(or at least a B).

Now at the look of things I can’t say what is going to happen. My greatest fear was having below 50 (Courses below 50 are going go to be reseated for the next year). I prayed, fasted, worshipped.

Long story short the result was released, and I made a C. All hopes were down on me making a first class due to the C. I kept praying and reminding God how he helped me in the past in similar situations, because He is God and He does change.

God showed up.

I checked the last result released and it summed my result to a first Class. God indeed is not a Scam. Hallelujah.

To someone believing for a miracle like mine, don’t lose hope. God is too Faithful to Fail.


Passed Board Exams

By the grace of God, I passed both my boards exams. I put my trust in God and he saw me through. It was not by my own doing or strength.

I failed my first try, I felt let down and disappointed, but God gave me the strength to continue. He made me the head and not the tail. God is always on time!

Sometimes when we experience failure we don’t understand why or feel as if God has let us down. Let me remind you that he is always by our side and will NEVER let us down!! If you are trusting God for a miracle, continue to trust Him. He will SHOW up!


God is Amazing

I remembered 2019 I was very sick I thought I have covid my relative almost don’t want to see me and visit me they all think I might have covid. They were afraid of me. Even me, I think to myself I might have covid.

When I go to the online doctors’ checkup and explained what I felt, the doctor said I might have asthma and the doctor gave me medication like antibiotics first month. I’m ok after 2 months my sickness back again I can’t breathe properly. I feel like dying but I’m thinking if I have a covid all my roommates they will get covid too if I have it, but they’re all ok. Now I’m completely healed and healthy from my asthma! To God be the glory!

Carol Costanilla

Exam Help

God helped me. I want to thank God for helping me in my exams beyond my expectations last year. I also want to thank God for answering my prayers, miracles He did and for his promises to me. Also, I am thanking God for his promises to me for my exam in few weeks and the excellent results he promised me. Glory be to God

Blessing Ajisola

Glasses Free

I started wearing glasses at the age ten then around mid 20 I found Jesus I started praying for healing for my eyes so I can stop wearing glasses it didn’t take long but now I’m glasses free only because of Jesus he’s even healed with my seizures it’s awesome Jesus is awesome he’s a healer I love Jesus amen


Healing from Severe Cold, Cough and Breathing Problem

I had severe cold, cough from 2 weeks and I was pregnant… And unable to use the medicines as normal person. But went to doctor and got medicine but no use… Cold is becoming more and more, nose blockage I was not able to breath also… It came a serious problem to me

Finally, I stopped medicine and just I dropped anointed oil in my two nostrils the next day… I was taking clear breath and cold was gone with in 2 days…. Jesus did a miracle for me… Glory to God. Amen


Hepatitis B Healing

I was diagnosed of hepatitis B after my vacation. I was asked to proceed to see the specialist for my treatment. But I prayed for healing and OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST HEALED ME. I dreamt our Angels performing surgical operation on me and removing a lot of maggots.

After the dream I got better. Went to see my doctor who recommended another test. The new test revealed that l was completely healed. Praise God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is our healer.

Okechukwu F C

Be Still and Know that Am God

Thru God I practiced psalm 46:10 for years and then in 2010 God said to me “evening of primrose oil”. I swallowed a soft gel of this and the pain in my feet of neuropathy stopped. I don’t have foot ulcers anymore either. Thank you, Father God in Jesus Name.

David G Smalley Jr

No More Fainting

God delivered me from being sick ever since in my childhood and I used to visit the hospital. And when someone threatens me, I faint and collapse but today am totally delivered and I thank God for my life.

Ssebuufu collins victor


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