Praying Girl

A Victor over Evil

God has blessed us all with the privilege of having parents. But not all of us have the privilege of having truly Godly ones. My mother assisted my ex-wife in a return to prostitution (how she got into that mess is another story, her own family contributed to that state though she had begun in the will of God) starved me and distracted my studies in college, and also arranged for family members to have sex with my ex-wife. Jesus said that foes would be of our own household. But he also said he would aid us in such wicked times and HE HAS. I have made it thru because of the Lord Jesus and his help. I pray every day and study the word online. Truly all things work together for good. In spite of such things I am strong in the Lord and not walking in sin.

Pray for me. I live in a community that sees evil as good and good as evil. I refuse to believe the liberal attitudes that such things are normal. It is SIN. Only God could pull me thru such an obvious evil. Pray for me. Even the church here in the city is assisting in covering up the wickedness of leading a life back to sexual bondage (my ex-wife) and impeding my future in college and God’s healing will. I know my Lord will see me thru. Pray for me. I am a victor.


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