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Pray for My Uncle

Hello everyone,
Last night, during iftar, my mother told me that her older brother (who currently lives in the USA) had a heart attack. Today, at 10:17, mother told me that it was so serious, that they took him by helicopter to the hospital. They are going to do some test. Please pray for him. His wife is sad.

His three children are sad, and two are them are teenagers. I don’t want him to die, just like my maternal grandpa in Pakistan, when I was maybe 4-5 years old. I just prayed this morning and I’m going to pray until he gets better. I, right now, am crying.

Please, I beg you, by the blood of Christ, have a heart, to pray for my uncle, even though he’s stranger to you.


  1. Emory 3/17/2024
  2. Sunday Akodu 3/17/2024
  3. Emory 4/20/2024
    • Iqra Toqeer 4/21/2024
      • Sunday Akodu 4/21/2024
      • Emory 4/21/2024

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