Praying Girl

Testimony for Top Result in Studies

Lord helped me a lot in my exams.  In fact only because of Lord I am able to top in my exams. He guided me what to write in exams and what to study for my exams. Also if I wrote something wrong he had provided me favour in eyes of my teachers. He has given all the ability and excellence which I possess. Once the exam was out of syllabus but Lord made me read those out of syllabus questions before exam. Thank u Lord Almighty for your grace…… you are greatest. It’s only because of your grace that I have topped in all the semesters. He made me study more in less time and due to him I could retain everything in an exceptional manner just in one read.

He failed Satan’s plan in my life . Only because I was able to cover my syllabus in exam days; when Satan lured me to watch movies and serials etc and to spend my entire day like this . But Lord made me overcome these issues. Even I have received exceptionally excellent remarks for my not so good exams. Only Lord did this. Lord you are greatest. My parents are extremely happy with my performance only because of Lord. I give all the glory to your name Lord.


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