Praying Girl

Prayer for my Toddler. I Need Jesus!

I came on here because I don’t know what else to do! I gave my life to Christ 5 months ago.  Since then things have been beyond good. Until a few days ago! My son has been diagnosed with tonsillitis , a few days later scarlet fever and you won’t believe that he got diagnosed the next day with another horrible virus! Plus he suffers with breathing problems.   All of this happen in less than 3 days.  My mind cannot take all of this bad news.  My heart is crushed.  Then the DR said they have to postpone his surgery because of the Virus he has now . I even bought him to church and ask the elders to anoint him and pray over him.  But he got worst!  

I cried so much to where I’m numb. My three year old is in terrible pain. He’s been up for 3 days screaming and hollering from all this pain he’s in.   He’s kicking me and hitting me begging me to stop giving him medicine that’s not working.  His mouth has pain all day .  He can’t eat or drink… not even water!! I’m pretty sure he’ll be in the ER today for dyhdration!  I’ve been crying out to Jesus all day, pleading because I really need him.  I’ve been using my tongues and bonding the enemy all times of the night.. but my son is still screaming in agony.  I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong ?!  

I’ve been reading the word and trying to focus on Jesus.  But every time I hear my son cry I get enraged.  I’m angry most of all HURT.  He’s only a child why is he going through this ! Why are we going through this? I understand the enemy comes to to rob us of Joy.  But my Lord is Greater !! I’m really trying.  My son had other things wrong with him also.  I’m in total disbelief still at this moment that all this has come on my child almost out of no where.  He fights and talks in his sleep and even cry.  I still plead the Blood over him everyday.

I need everyone all over to stand in agreement with me to pray for a Divine healing for my son! Please! I can’t take this.  Lord my God I trust you Jesus.  I give my life to you.  Have your way in my life. And give me the spirit of endurance. Help me to endure this fight in Jesus name! Devil you can’t have my son! You can’t have my mind! Lord Jesus cover me in your blood.  Lord help me to understand.  My soul is hurting.  Lord I need another touch from you.  I can’t feel your presence. Lord please show me a way of escape! Amen