Woman praying for son

Isaiah 54:13, Great will be their Peace

After 11 years of infertility, without medical intervention AT ALL, the Lord Jehovah blessed us with two sons, one after the other, Ben and Joel. They are both now 3 and 4 and a half years exactly. I received this promise from God’s word long before their birth, that “Your children will be taught of the Lord and great will be their peace” and I have stood on it. Living in a largely unsaved environment, I held fast onto that promise.

Recently my younger son, Joel started misbehaving. All of two and a half years he would scream at others and throw tantrums. I am not easily shaken but after three continuous days of seeing him cry himself to sleep for no reason at all, I called out to my Lord, saying that you promised and that is for NOW, not later only. Please fill him with the peace of your Holy Spirit.  He answered immediately. My child woke up the next day and I could see the old Joel, smiling and happy. No more tantrums…:-)

I will throw my cares upon the Lord for I know He loves me. I will stand on His mighty word and live happily. Praise be to His glorious name. Praise be. Do not be reluctant to call upon Him for even what the world says is silly.



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