The Truth Set Me Free

The truth set me free from sexual immorality, occult practices, and addiction

I grew up in church but lost the already shallow faith I had from my exposure to atheists and poor examples of Christians. Shortly after, I remember one day I guessed this stranger’s name first try and it fascinated me so much I found myself heavily researching/practicing things such as telekinesis, astrology, palmistry etc.

Somewhere down the line my awareness picked up and I saw how things would happen in life more than just coincidences so I admitted there was most certainly a higher power but at that stage I couldn’t grasp certain biblical concepts, so I didn’t consider myself a Christian.

Then I fell off spirituality altogether and got wrapped up in the party life going out 4x a week and hooking up with random girls, I figured why not it seemed like everyone was doing it. As I looked around, I noticed I was losing my closest friends to prison, jail, rehab and death but there were always other people that take their spots in that lifestyle. I remember my dad calling me, and when he started talking about God, I hung up the phone.

Then a dramatic situation arose in my personal life that shifted my awareness to character, words, and actions which resulted in a spiritual awakening. But when not 1 but 2 of my so-called long time best friends called me and I started talking about God they both hung up.  That was when I was struck with quite possibly the deepest emotional pain of my life I could hardly breathe from sobbing and my electricity went out.

From that point forward I knew that communicating spirituality was delicate and challenging, but I wanted to do it. Me working as a waiter in a restaurant gave me the ideal position, over the course of the next few days I sat down with roughly 60 people and tried to explain the relationship between spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness to the best of my knowledge and got nothing but positive feedback from atheists, agnostics, and believers etc.

Anyways at this time I was having serious car troubles (very expensive), my neighbor borrowed $200 from me I haven’t seen back and my roommates “check didn’t go through” all at the same time. So, I was dead broke, and it brought me to a point of surrender. I prayed.

“Dear lord, please send me an opportunity to make a large amount of money in a short period of time doing what I love to do, Amen.”

About half an hour later I log into Facebook, and I see a red notification on my messages. So, I click on it, and it’s this beautiful girl asking me if I would be interested in making money doing a porn scene, $2000 me and a beautiful girl, straight up. I was so excited; I knew God answered my prayers. I was thinking to myself “wow, maybe Christians are too closed minded” and “maybe I’m destined to be a porn star” so of course I went.

No car, I took an Uber to this address. While still messaging the beautiful girl I realize that the address was false, and I got lead down a dark hallway. But leaning on my trust in God answering my prayers I ignored all warning signs and went down that hallway and got molested by a man. I was tricked, deceived, and betrayed. I ran on foot to the nearest gas station and called the police.

God knows I have never carried out a homosexual fantasy in my life and I always told myself that such an event would make me homicidal/suicidal. But what about my prayer? What if the porn scene would have gone down smooth as planned? What is God trying to tell me? I knew all the answers from growing up in church and responded by changing my behavior.

Before I loved being sexually immoral by hooking up with random girls, so God showed me sexual immorality is sexual immorality in this experience and since then I’ve been practicing purity and God has transformed my life and poured out his mercy and blessings to which I feel the deepest gratitude. Also, I have discovered my calling for ministry.

I was born on the 28th, my first day of sobriety fell on the 28th and my name is in the Bible 28 times. I could write another testimony about my calling to ministry but as for now this is my main testimony, thank you all for reading. I hope I have opened eyes and touch hearts to people who may be struggling understanding biblical concepts of sexual immorality. The truth set me free. РJustice

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