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The Lord Came through for Me

God is faithful, family!

I pray that the Lord Jesus will cause someone to be impacted by this. It is the Lord’s doing and not mine! May His name be praised.

I lived a pretty normal life as a child. I was born premature but by the grace of God I don’t look it. As a child, I rarely fell ill. Till I went to boarding school at age 15. That was my first time being far from home in a strange world. The first few days was a bit tough as I tried to settle in my school. We were not permitted to make calls only on Sunday.

Barely two weeks in my stay, I was bitten by an insect whilst I slept. My bed was closer to the door. I don’t know what insect it was. But part of my skin started peeling off, my ears as well. It was really tough for me; I went to the school hospital to be attended too. Apart from my ears peeling off, a pungent liquid was oozing out of my ears. I had to hold a handkerchief to my ear every day. It was tough! I had no one. People started ignoring me. They called me all sorts of names.

After I visited the hospital to have my ear checked, I was given some drugs. But it only seemed to get worse. After a few weeks, I went back to the hospital to report my issue. A new doctor was there. I showed him the prescription and my predicament.

He was astonished!

He said I had been given a wrong prescription. I had leave school to be transferred to one of the major ear specialists on that city. All this while, my family was in another city, miles away. I had no means to contact them.

At the specialist office, I was examined. I was told the insect that stung me had entered my ears and the wrong prescription had only pushed it further. I was devastated! My ears were washed, and I was given new drugs. I returned to school. I was literally on my own. No one wanted to walk with me. Some even called me a witch. Through it all my only friend was Jesus, I walked with Him, spoke with Him. etc. One day after applying my drugs and cleaning my ears, the dead insect came out. My ears went back to normal but left some permanent damages.

I was asked to use particular drugs every month.

I had an issue with my eye as well. I was given the option of wearing glasses or eye drops. My Knees too became weak, I couldn’t walk for long. I developed a bladder issue. It was difficult to retain my urine for long. (And I was in a boarding house). Sometimes I’d pee on my bed or myself. It was embarrassing and devastating.

The Lord came through for me in 2017. He healed me. I no more have any of these issues. It’s been four years! God is good. God is faithful! May His name be praised! Now and forever more.

For our light afflictions which are only for a moment will bring a far more exceeding glory. It is well with our souls! We love you Jesus!

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