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Impotence Healing

Hello Christian people and lovers of God,

I grew impotent after years of chronic masturbation this got me down and made me lose a lot of friends because I stopped being socially active. I became very lonely and hopeless. Then one day I decided to cast all my cares unto God because as a child my mum had taught me the Christian way.

So, I began a 40 day penance and prayers to God almighty to heal me. After the prayers were complete there wasn’t a sign of healing, so I thought nothing happened. And I just got disappointed but nevertheless believed in God’s time and process.

After about three months I started seeing signs and I can tell you that the grace of God has brought me from little to no erection to a steady erection that lasts enough. I want to use this medium to tell anyone out there who feels down and hopeless and feels his or her case is impossible to trust in God and cast all their troubles at Jesus’ feet he will make the impossible possible if you just believe no matter what and ask him in prayer through faith, you’re blessed in Jesus’ name, amen.


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