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The Little Things

So, in the midst of my studying, I thought back to how many times God has been good to me and blessed me, but I had not had the opportunity to share it with people. Then I decided I would start a testimony website, but before my ambitious goal, I decided to search my idea on google first, and this is when I found this website which is a really great avenue to help encourage and uplift each other.

One of my praise reports happened on a Friday night. It was late Friday night, and I was heading out to hang out with my friends, but I could not find my wallet. I emptied out every bag and possible container that I possible could have placed it in, but with no success. I thought back through my day, and remembered the last time I used it, I had bought food, then after that I could not remember having it. I immediately started to panic, because I realized that I possibly could have I left it in the food bag which I threw away HOURS ago!

Since it was Friday, my school had shut for the weekend which means all of the doors of the buildings were closed up and the janitors had cleaned up, and everything would remain closed down until the earliest Sunday or Monday morning. I realized that my wallet contained my ID card to allow me to get food, and all of my money and cards, meaning I would be unable to eat or do anything all weekend, if my wallet was even still where I had dumped my trash out.

I sent up a quick prayer to God, and my friend and I hurried over to the building where I had thrown away my trash. I checked the outside trash. My wallet wasn’t there. I was quickly sinking into despair, but my friend encouraged me to pray and check inside.

I reminded him and myself that they normally lock up all of the doors on Friday afternoon, but with a sliver of hope and faith in God’s providence, I checked one set of the building doors, and to my surprise and ultimate relief, the door opened! I quickly hurried to the trashcan, and there was my bag of trash was basically right at the top with my wallet inside!

I know I had not been the last person to leave the building; nevertheless, God was looking out for me and did not allow the janitors to empty the trash or anyone else to throw away huge amounts of trash.

After this experience, I realized that if God cares about the little sparrows of the air and the lilies of the fields, then He definitely cares about us and our smallest requests, such as a college girl’s prayer for her missing wallet.

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