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Need All Organs Perfectly Healed

I had heart surgery in January. 2 years ago, my son committed suicide, developed broken heart syndrome. Every day I cry for him even though I saw him in Jesus arms.

The heart surgery didn’t work. The Dr said there was nothing he can do, all my organs are failing. I said what I always said, let God’s will be done.

I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren I am fighting for. I am asking for prayers for Jesus to come perform His surgery and replace all my organs. Two Drs were so cold. After one of them sent me home to die, it looked like she had no soul and could of cared less. I wanted to slap her lol, but Jesus put it in my heart to thank her for helping me stay alive the last 15 years to see my children grow up and have grandbabies. Goodness, this woman bust out crying. They freaked out because I said Let God’s will be done.

I would love healing of all my organs to stay longer for my youngest daughter. I need peace, my chest hurts from mourning all day. The only relief I get is reading His precious words. Please pray for me. I love you all and I am so encouraged to see all these testimonies of healing. I have faith now.


  1. Dam 9/20/2018
  2. Lilwarrior 9/22/2018
  3. Kimberly 9/22/2018
  4. Staci 9/24/2018
  5. Fred 1/24/2019

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