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I Cried the Night before Exams

I was a pretty average student all throughout school and was always ignored because I didn’t meet the standards of friendship or so they said. Even though I was always alone I talked to God in my heart as if he was my daddy and was sitting next to me hearing everything. And he did everything to make me feel loved, but life was at the worst point at my high school – depression, anxiety or whatever you can name.

Now I’m in my final year of high school passing out in few weeks with my main final exam the ‘boards’. Board practicals started day before yesterday which is the main half of my grade and today, I suddenly remembered how I told God I will post my testimony here when I went through a tough phase in my exams a few months ago and was reading some peoples testimonies.

All the board practical exam BY THE LOVE AND GRACE OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN went only good for me while others struggled. I could feel angelic presence around me throughout, for the first time the effect was so strong. I cried the night before all the three exams and said to him father I give up; it’s your war now.

I don’t know if people will consider this as a testimony but I will because I saw how my father came down and stood by my side holding my hand and I know the same god will stand with me through all my mains because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in his image and I know he won’t stand aside laughing seeing me fall for I have a purpose – to spread the love of my father throughout nations!

I trusted in my God and asked him not to let my faith disappear and indeed – He didn’t! Glory be to the lord most high! And this is my prayer and I pray it upon all those reading this too:

My father in heaven,

Blessed be your name; all the glory is yours.

Let your will be done as it is in heaven.

Father thank you for your unending love towards us,
and always for handling the reigns this time,
for all who are undergoing the pain of separation, anxiety, ignorance,
diseases and disappointment,

Father come down across each soul and to all the souls that have reached home today,

Father, I pray for peace over the families.

Let your angels stand and cover each one your children’s homes with a ring of fire.

To all those who are reading this and to the world – let your prophets arise, oh lord!

Establish your kingdom, oh lord!

Father, I send angels to all your persecuted prophets throughout the world!

Let no hand be raised against them let Samuels, Elijahs, Esthers and Deborahs arise!

All in your holy name, we pray.


Thanks, so much guys for joining me though I don’t know if this is a proper testimony or prayer, but if it’s your Holy Spirit coming through this then – AMENNNN!!


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