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Thank You Lord for Being with Us When We Needed You

Dear all in Christ,

It is with great happiness that I am sharing this testimony to all. The year 2015 brought us both happiness and sadness, however my Lord was with us strengthening, empowering and sustaining in all our tribulations.

The year started well as we were awaiting our second bundle of joy, submission of my husbant doctorate thesis and moving to a place we awaited for a long time. Our baby girl came into our life on March 2015 and in June we moved to the place we awaited to live in for a long time.

Unfortunately we lost my MIL in a month and to add up to our pain, my husband had a heart attack in Oct 2015.  His health condition was really unexpected because he had no previous problems like BP, cholesterol or any bad habits. Though he had a stressful job, a sudden heart attack was totally unexpected and this happened during his travel.

We saw god’s miraculous hands in every area till we completed the procedure and came home. With no one to help in the hospital and with a 6 month old baby in an unknown location, my Lord sent people to help me in each and every instance. He took care of our finances too. I had to pay just RS. 500 at the time of discharge and that too for the CD drive.

Two months later when my elder daughter was hospitalized for gastritis, my Lord was with us and took care of us miraculously.

To turn back and see the year 2015, I only remember how my Lord stood by our side and took care of us. I happy to share that my husband was awarded his doctorate in 2016.

All praises to my Lord Almighty. He is the Beginning and the End.

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