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Staying Connected to God

In 2012 my son was born, and I got clean from drug addiction when I first found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. DCF was to get involved but they closed my case, and all was well with my husband and I and our little boy. Then in 2014 on December 4th my husband wasn’t feeling well at all and was seeing spiders on the walls, so we took him to the hospital and his blood sugar was 1,700. He passed away the next morning in the hospital. He had a yeast infection in his chest which caused his diabetes to go very high in turn killing him.

I did not know how to live without him and unfortunately go back into addiction and got into an unhealthy relationship. I lost my son to the state not just once but twice and the second time he was completely removed from my custody. I ended up homeless and extremely addicted to methamphetamines and was using iv several times daily.

I had always had a relationship with Christ, but I stayed away from him and chose an abusive relationship as well as drugs over God and my own son. My family and my church family who I had chosen to walk away from we’re still praying for me to get the gift of desperation and the willingness that I needed to get into rehab and finally February of 2016 I became desperate and went into rehab for almost 2 months. This is when my process of change began, and I got into a halfway house and started my healing.

While I was in rehab my mom passed away from kidney failure, but I was able to get through it and heal because I had the help I needed where I was at, and I started growing my relationship again with God! About 2 years later I met an amazing man and fairly quickly we got engaged. We both were going back to my church and involved in celebrate recovery and I started step studies and continued to stay clean as of January 17th, 2018.

Prior to this I had thought it was okay to drink and use only occasionally but that was only hurting me and I realized that I had to be 100% sober for God to work in my life. 2 years after that I went and got weight loss surgery to help me better my health and 2 weeks after my weight loss surgery I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl. Everyone in my church was very supportive of me even though she was very high risk. She came out completely healthy other than just her adenoids being too large and seasonal allergies. The social worker at the hospital had to call DCF because of my previous involvement with them but they immediately dropped the case and didn’t even question me or do an investigation at all because they saw the proof of my recovery and classes that I took prior to her birth as well as a negative drug test from both of us.

Now she is just over 2 years old and me and my husband just got married in February finally because we knew it was the right thing to do by God. Today I am very involved in my church and had the opportunity to lead a step study and celebrate recovery as well as help sponsor some girls and be accountability partners to others. I also have found God’s calling on my life in the area of fight against sex and human trafficking. I am a survivor from many years ago in my addiction before my son was even born.

Right after my husband died, I had finished my associate’s degree in criminal justice and the whole time I wanted to work with the fight against human and sex trafficking. Well about 6 months ago I heard on the radio about the fight and I started contacting organizations outside of my county because I didn’t realize that my county had an organization.

Well, a friend of mine who had no clue I had contacted these other counties had remembered how interested I was from years ago in this fight and she had told me about a local organization that she’s involved with and asked me if I would become a board member. This experience has truly been life-changing for me. I have been able to speak to the chamber of commerce about our local organization and I’m also going to be giving my short testimony about my story as a survivor this month. I also recently got the job opportunity that I have been really wanting which is being a substitute teacher for my county in Florida.

Amazing things in my life but I know that everything could fall apart if I don’t continue to stay connected to him and his purpose and stay connected to my recovery as well as my recovery group. God truly does miracles, and I am one of them!

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