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The Lord Honored my Prayers, I am so Happy

Praise the Lord, Glory to Jesus Christ for his amazing love and grace and his holy and abundant mercy on us, thank you so very much dear abba, thank you papa, love you so much, amen.

Today, the Lord honored my prayer. I have been praying to him with my whole heart and soul, with great sorrow and tears to our father Jesus to save my best friend whom I love so much in Jesus. I wanted him to be saved by the grace of God just as he saved me.

Throughout this one year I kept praying to Jesus for William to get saved and turn into a believer of Christ. The Lord promised me, gave me hope, gave me scriptures and promised he would save him, I read those scriptures, I would feel very happy but soon I would feel getting doubts in my mind thinking, does it really happen? Will God save him through my prayers? And my peace would go away.

I knew it was all demonic thoughts in my mind which made it tough for me to remain in faith to what the Lord promised me in his scriptures that for a little while I have scattered you because my temples are lying in ruins, I will cleanse you. I will pour a new spirit in you and the day you become free from all your sins. I will rebuild the ruins. I will bring you back together… for the whole one year I continued my prayers for God to save him, whom I haven’t seen for one year, haven’t met since 28th June 2010.

I could notice my life changed completely, my heart all new and renewed in Christ, my soul alive in Christ, the flow of living water I can feel in my heart, I can feel it all in this one year, how can my lord not bless my friend with the same blessings and same changes as I have been going through? Sure he will, I trust him so much and so I remained in my faith till date.

Now today, 28th July, 2011, after one year and one month, I asked Lord in my prayers with great tears…..Papa, I have been praying to you for a year to bless William with your salvation and save him and his family, I do not see or hear from him, nor do I wish to see him unless he is changed and renewed in Christ but I really want to know asto what is happening in his life? Is he seeking you? answer me through your words… and with those words I opened my bible, and you know what I got?

Ezekiel 18:15,16,17

15 “He does not eat at the mountain shrines or look to the idols of the house of Israel. He does not defile his neighbor’s wife.

16 He does not oppress anyone or require a pledge for a loan. He does not commit robbery but gives his food to the hungry and provides clothing for the naked.

17 He withholds his hand from sin and takes no usury or excessive interest. He keeps my laws and follows my decrees. He will not die for his father’s sin; he will surely live.

Halleluiah, the Lord answered my prayers. He has honored my prayers of one year. He has saved him. He has saved his life. This brought great tears of joy and satisfaction in my heart after so long for the first time that I couldn’t stop myself thanking the Lord. The Lord spoke to me directly through his words and there flows immense peace and joy so much that you cannot handle it and cannot stop thanking God for it which is the confirmation from God that he has honored my prayers and I need not worry now.

Then when I was filled with his love and peace. I felt the Lord telling me to share this testimony with all of you, to those who are praying for their loved once with a pure and repentant heart, for them to know there is ALWAYS HOPE IN CHRIST. So never ever give up on HOPE and faith on Christ, a prayer submitted with tears and a pure heart with always fulfilled by the Lord at his time, he honors a humble prayer.

I am so happy tonight that the Lord chose me to bring his lost sheep back to him. What a great joy that he chose me to pray for him. He gave me the opportunity to serve him. Thank you so much Jesus. I am so much looking forward to seeing my friend now at Lord’s appointed time.

Remain in your prayers. Never listen to your mind’s sinful thoughts. Reject them in Jesus’ name and continue praying, he NEVER EVER disappoints an honest heart.

In Jesus name I pray, may he bless you all and answer all your prayers just as I got mine answered, Jesus loves you so much, amen.


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