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Single Mother No More

I would like to share my story of God’s will at hand. Back in 2009 I was in a relationship, wound up pregnant, and things turned ugly. My boyfriend at the time couldn’t hold a job for more than 3 months, continued to mess around with drugs, and became abusive. I broke up with him on and off until my son was born and 15 months old. I finally had enough of the situation I was in and I had placed my son in.

I finally decided to leave him and raise my son as a single mother. I worked full time to pay the bills for he and I and after his 2nd birthday and a day of his “terrible twos,” I cried out for God’s help. I cried my eyes out and prayed for help in raising my son. I knew I couldn’t do it alone any longer.

The next day was a Monday and a gentleman from my company’s computer department  was working on wiring next to my desk. We had worked together for a year now but had only crossed paths and spoken to one another a handful of times. He was done his computer business and left being near my desk, when an email popped up from him! He asked me if I had any lunch plans. Instantly I thought back to the night before and my cries to The Lord for assistance in child rearing.

Then I prayed another prayerat my desk. I asked The Lord to let me know this is the answer to my prayer and this man is the one, if he asks me to go eat sushi. I emailed him back saying I’d go with him, but asked where? …to my surprise, he replied,

“my appetite has been a little off lately, I’m not as hungry, how’s sushi sound?”

And there was my answer. We dated a year, were engaged a year, and just got married 2 Saturdays ago. He is my rock. He is most definitely a God-send. Our faith in Christ continues to grow together as a couple. I praise and thank The Lord for all he has blessed me and my family with.


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