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Revelation of God

In the stripes of Jesus I am healed,

The meaning of this word “God” is living and powerful, one who is eternal and the one who may not be seen  but is omnipresent. It’s a matter of faith, trust, and reliability.

According to me, God is in the form of divine power that runs the whole universe and his worshipers, worship him in different ways. Yes God is like a divine spirit who spreads holiness around the universe. My personal belief is the same.

Hello all, I came across an enriching experience with GOD that changed my life and myself from a complete negative personality to positive one. My journey since past few months worth writing. I come from a family specially from my mother’s side, who are believes in God and from there I got this initiation connect with him, and from there I felt to believe in the existence of GOD.

Right now I am 28 years old I know God exists and everything but I never knew whether I am connected to Him or not? Or whether I could love him or not? or whether I have faith in him or not?

So here is my testimony :-

Before writing I would like to throw some light upon the meaning of the word ”Testimony” means.

‘Revelation of God’.

  • What life was like before I met Christ
  • How He met me
  • How He changed my life

Its very obvious when you are in your tough and rough time also seeking  peace then at that time you go through such negative thoughts or sufferings and you are totally into darkness .

In this case you adopt  two ways,

 God’s way means positivity and another devil’s way means negativity. So there are many people who go through the same, few acquire negativity and when a person acquires negativity and so becomes a negative person and start developing a sense of rigidness and cruelty towards themselves and the World around them. Things like loss of self esteem, loss of sleep which leads that person to a gloomy life. They are filled with hatred, inspired with evil things and doing bad with themselves and others also.

I am one of them. In February 2020 I was working in the firm where I have given peacefully 3 years and 2 months but my recent  manager didn’t like me and always gave me negative feedbacks. I didn’t have any idea why he don’t like me and so but I was fine and was working same as I did.

But one day on 23rd February 20, I got a mail in the night, that was a notice for demotion. The organization decided to demote me from  level 4 to level 1. I was shocked and was unconscious, also was not able to understand what’s going on. But I slept and went to the office early morning and asked to meet my manager but he was on off that day. Then I approached my senior manager asked him everything what I was doing and about my work and told him that I worked very genuinely, why are you all doing this?

He said meet us tomorrow we will talk on data.

I was helpless at that time and wanted to cry but didn’t find a place to cry. Then I was going to the pg in between. I got one temple, went there and cried as much as I can and again get up and went to pg. In the evening,  I got a call from my Mashi, I talked with her 1 hour and she told me about Godly things and his truthiness and how I should handle this situation .

She is truly a God’s child and what she said about things I just followed blindly and the best part what I learnt is “PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES.” This thought always remained in my mind. Then I  kept praying  for them asking God why he did this with me? I asked Mashi please pray for me and she prayed with me and was praying too and her church team members also.

Another morning, I went to office and followed what Mashi said. I kept my points in front of them but they removed my data and backlogs from the system and they did worst with me. I fought for myself  and then I accepted what they had given me.

I worked 1 day in level 1 then in the afternoon I got a call from my client manager for the new work  and he asked me for that. I said yes and on the same day I went to the interview and cleared. On 25th Feb, I got a new job and I was happy and I thanked God and yes I was happy and that was God’s beauty or miracle.

On 4th March I joined my new office. Now I believe in God but I was not connected and time passed and  soon after the pandemic took place in the entire world and of course I was also a part of this.

How did I meet Jesus Christ?

In this season, in April 2020, I was going through a tough time and was totally into the darkness. It was my relationship, where I was deeply in love with someone and I knew him for 8 years, we were good friends and more than that. In this pandemic a lockdown took place where we have few things to do and your offices are  closed. I had no work at that time since my office was closed. Time passed and things were  going  worse.

I was living in Noida at PG. Due to the lockdown, was unable to go to home and in my personal life I was suffering badly. I felt from his side something wrong and suddenly he told me, you should move on and so so and I was totally broken because I never imagined my life without him and again my loving Mashi entered into my life and she had always came to my rescue, when I needed her the most. I suppose it was  from God’s side and she was the medium when I came across Jesus Christ, since she is a Christian so believes in Jesus Christ. I  am a person who believes in God irrespective of religion despite being a Hindu I believed in Jesus Christ too.

It somewhat brought me closer to God. Through her I  understood  the real meaning of faith and salvation towards GOD in the form of Jesus Christ.

She made me understood that if I pray with full faith, love, pain and suffering, He would definitely listen to my prayers. And since I followed her I realized slowly and steadily following that path, I came across the “Feeling of God”. It helped me to get out of my suffering and move towards peace and I found my peace in him.

I realized that God will always give you best  but it was a very tough time and I was not able understand anything. I cried day and night. I called him. He just ignored me and devalued me and I was devaluing GOD by hurting myself and not loving God. I used to talk to my Mashi and  asked her to pray for me .

One day she told me to read bible. There were many things she told me about holy spirit (GOD).

Every time I pray, I cry, I beg  and asked him that please return my love to me. I lost a few shades of me and I completely lost my appetite and I was damaged totally. I tried every way, did pooja path and prayed  to Jesus and everything but my eyes were filled with tears and my mind was unstable and heart was distressed and I was seeking help and peace. I wanted to heal but couldn’t. I felt pity for myself and was feeling like a beggar who is asking help and5 peace of mind and sound sleep.

Yes one day I downloaded the Holy Bible and started reading Holy Bible. Believe me I just read but I didn’t understand the meaning. But  I kept reading and reading and was only in prayers and finding the meaning behind prayers and I asked God why its happening to me only, what was my fault and so many questions were in my mind. And every night I was asking God please help me and please fix everything as it were .

One day I asked God please, I want to go home. Please send me there. The second day my sister called me said a pass is generated and papa will be coming tomorrow. This was the first time I came across the power of God and my prayers and He listened  it. I went to home on 4th May. I was totally in pain. I was lean and unconscious, what I knew at that time only prayer and God. Every day I read bible, prayed and cried  aloud.

One day I called him, (the boy)  then I came to know he is with some one else. He broke my heart and  I was totally broken. I had no other way but to pray in the name of Jesus Christ, cried out and asked why u did this with me? Why? In that room only the word why was echoing .

Due to darkness in which I was surrounded completely. I was blind. Again I called him (the boy) on his birthday for wishing him but he didn’t pick up my call and blocked my number. Then  I simply sat and understood the fact what God was showing me the true color of that person, whom I was mad about and I sat down in the room and asked my God to please forgive me. I made a big mistake. I devalued you that’s why I am suffering this bad now I am seeking your love and I am no one without you. I was blind and into darkness.

Love me O LORD, preserve me, save me from evil things, fake people  and give me strength to forgive him although he is not ashamed of his betrayal but I want to forgive him Because I don’t want to loose my character by having grudges against him and because of his true color I found you.

And I want you to be with me everlasting , please never leave me, you are my power, strength and show me the path of righteousness. That person might be happy with some one else and I had suffered many things and don’t know much time, it will take but because of this circumstance I found God.

Which means everything. He is my soul, power, love, friend, my family, my teacher, tears, happiness, hate, knowledge, mind, heart, compassion, possession, liberty, positivity and my self respect.

After prayers, I  opened tv and watched Mahabharata and I  was lost in it. Simultaneously I read Bible too. I use to do my prayer everyday. I cried  in front of him. At that time I could visualize the sign of cross In the floor there is cross sign, I assumed this is Jesus cross and talked to him daily negative things but day by day I asked him to love me. Please I need you right now and forever. Give me peace, stability and forgive me for my sins and rebuke every bad things and everyday I asked God I don’t want to go to Noida and that pg  and please never send me there ;- I requested him clearly and repeatedly.

Day1-Prayer –seeking  God’s love and affection and I asked him I devalued you that’s why I am facing this much Jesus Christ  now I only want to love you and heal me O Lord .

Day 2-I prayed seeking peace and stability and asked him a new life ,use to say him never let me go back  to Noida and I want to leave that city Jesus.

Day 3-I prayed that please take me into your arms and covered me with your holy blood and I am leaving my self unto you Jesus Christ and be with me always.

And yes I blindly believed in god’s countenance and prayers because this is always remains in my mind that ”A SMALL PRAYER CAN MOVE THE MOUNTAIN” Amen

I use to talk to my Mashi . She told me forgive that boy because God always ask us to forgive and pray for him also .I did the same and God was preparing me for the great battle after few days I got call from my office to come back  to Noida and I was in dilemma because never wanted to go back to that place.

Due to  this covid-19 situation, no one was there in my pg. I was all alone, who was asked to come back. But at that time, it was God’s call according to me to return back. It was all along the new test which I had to cross to assess my faith in God.

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. PSALMS 40:2

And God prepared me for this new battle and I returned back with my sister.

On 8th June I came back to Noida at my PG God grace. Where I was living, it was a containment zone. My sister and I safely reached there .

From there I became close to God and started understanding him in a much beautiful way.

My Mashi  gave me teachings of God. It turned me  into a more positive person  so my faith increased continuously. I used to ask her that I am connecting  to God because of her.

In Noida

People working in Noida

I used to read Bible but this time I was able to understand every word and me and my sister only talked about GOD and his kind love and how we came here safely and my landlord was not supporting at all. There Water became a big issue initially, due to which I witnessed a lot of problem as the water which was supplied in my PG was contaminated and salty and which was not worth drinking.

We asked for water from our Landlord but they rejected. We were short of water as well as money as my salary was not coming from the past three months. I realized how cruel they were acting. I had no words for them what I could do was to pray and nothing else I could understand. It was God’s grace that he didn’t make me realize the shortage of money as well as water.

And time passed and my belief on god was getting stronger day by day and everyday I use to argue regarding the water issue but they thought that it was our delusion.

I prayed to God and cried in front of him why I n my sister is facing such water issue. What wrong have we done? And these people who are denying  for the water every day. Aren’t  they afraid of you? Is there no humanity left in  them? O God  I feel pity for them.

And day by day I use to talk to God more n more and I was going in peace ,was feeling like that this is my test going on and he already covered me .

Lord, He is my refuge and fortress: my God ;in him will I trust. PSALMS 91:1

And I was getting stronger and full of positivity .For the water ,yes I was sad for them why they are not understanding the god’s power ,they could also face the same but I was filled with  faith in GOD.

In psalms 34:10 written The young lions do lack and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing and I found my God. God’s grace.

One day I saw dream, in that dream a very small kid said, HALLELUJAH three times. A kid who is 1 year  old and I just woke up and was thinking about it what was that mean. Is really God listening to me thoroughly?

As Mathew 21:15:16 And when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that He did, and the children crying in the temple, and saying, Hosanna to the son of David: they were sore displeased, Hallelujah.

And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say ?And Jesus saith unto them, yea; have ye never read out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise? my belief on him is wider and what is happening  is only on God’s command .

I went to office things were not going fine there also, they didn’t give any relevant work and salary and I was feeling downtrodden by them again I asked the LORD ,O LORD if you sent me here then there must be some purpose and is Job the purpose or what? But I will go till the time you will ask me to go. Everyday I read PSALMS 91 and  PSALMS 91:11 For He shall give his angles charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. And every single day I felt protected and I was fearless there. Amen

The people who were not giving me clear picture and  answer about my work. I asked them in my mind, my GOD has given you 10 days. Give my work to me and don’t think that I am weak. If you think I came for this job and money so whatever you will do, I will suffer. Then u r wrong my friend ,you are in illusion then.

You don’t know the power of God and his child. If he had sent  me in this world then he will feed me beautifully Amen and my account never be empty by God’s grace.

And I was more confident and not afraid of anything. I was doing my work honestly, was filled with full of kindness, peace and I left everything on my GOD’s hand. Hallelujah

Again water issue took placed ,was not yet resolved and I ordered water cane it was not costly and very second day water supply was repaired and I realized his power that he will never ever make me thirsty. I felt like God wanted me  to know about some peoples true color.

While I was most patient, calm and composed. God’s Grace.

IN PSALMs 40:1 I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry .

Everyday  I prayed and asked him, O Lord  if this job is your purpose to come here then why they are not giving me my work and they said that they will give me my salary but they didn’t. That is fine but at least they can give my position my mental peace. Every morning I asked God what is going on but every day I promised with him I will not give up until you complete my purpose to be here. I have a blind trust on you.

I cried  unto the LORD with my voice, and He heard me out his holy hill. Selah Psalms 3:4

I laid me down and slept; awaked; for the LORD sustained me and I will not afraid of 10 thousand of people, that have set themselves against upon me round about. PSALMS 3:5:6

My sister, she is blessed with God grace. Every night we sit and read one chapter of bible and she explains every single word beautifully and we just talked about godly things. We feel like, we came here to know the GOD’S existence. God’s grace.

In between I got to know my office will not ready to give me my profile or my work for long time and no idea about salary. It was 20th day in Noida. Till that time God turned me into a very strong and positive personality and I stood like a rock. I didn’t  fear of anything neither leaving job nor money.

Then I decided to leave this job by God ‘s approval (means in that decision I was feeling complete and happy. Perhaps that’s Gods decision. Now I have spoken to my family and they agreed with this. Finally I was leaving Delhi/NCR after 8 years and I was most happy not because I was leaving this city but because I understood GOD’S purpose and why he took me here and his plan was just amazing ,it was not straight but it was full of tests, mess, trials and victims those turned  into testimony, message, triumph and victory.

Only God can turn these things. Losing job was not my sorrow, finding God in Christ is my achievement and happiness. Then I realized that I didn’t run away from the situation but fulfilled my purpose which he wanted me to accomplish i.e. to pack my stuff and leave that city and to more further in my journey with positivity and his faith that would definitely lead me to a beautiful beginning of new journey.

God has done big things for me. That is next to miracle because past few years I was thinking to leave this city but couldn’t and when I was broken and, it was my petition  to my ABBA FATHER that I don’t want to go there. Please don’t send me there . He hearkened me  and sent me there for congregation of past things. I have no fear of leaving the job in this pandemic and there were few people who were talking on my back. She is making a mistake and many other things. They don’t know the power of GOD. I found him in my difficult time over my job and love. My love and faith in Jesus is infinite now.

LORD will give me every best thing because he is my father and I am leaving myself to him. I feel his presence in my prayers. I was totally a negative person but he turned me into positivity. My aspects are changed towards life.

I thought I lost my love but that was my foolishness , I found that true love is not love with a person, but love with God, his sacrifice and salvation.

 I am doing my karma or work. I am studying for the good job and I believe in God ‘s plan and He will bless me and anoint me. AMEN


When you are under GOD’S wings then you adopt kindness ,mercy, his righteousness and  peacefulness.

This is how my faith and connection build towards God and I am happy. KEEP PRAYING and having faith in Him. HALLELUJAH.



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