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God Saved Me from the Enemy (Dream)

Every day I would pass an old classmate on the way home from work. One day, I took him home in my car. We began recapping the good old days at school and felt like nothing had changed with time. The conversations kept flowing whenever we would talk. We realized that we had similar tastes in music, food, hobbies, and more. Eventually, we had become more than friends and a relationship started to develop.

However, one night I went to sleep, and I saw a huge snake like a boa constrictor slithering on my body. It felt real, but when I woke up, I realized that it was just a dream. Not giving it any attention, I continued with the relationship.

Another day, I fell asleep and once again felt the snake slithering around my body. I knew it was a sign that an enemy was near. I didn’t associate it with my boyfriend until my Mom told me that a neighbor had told her that the boy was trouble.

I didn’t ask him any questions and I didn’t tell him what my Mom had shared with me instead I ended the relationship with him, as I was already getting the signs from God that he was an enemy. Immediately, the snake dreams stopped.

Years later, while talking to the boy’s cousin, she told me that he had a wife and daughter while dating me and that he was involved in some things that he shouldn’t have been.

I am grateful that God was watching over me. He gave me the wisdom to interpret the signs and the courage to put an end to the relationship before I got hurt.


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