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Lord Jesus Showed Me This Dream Years Ago.

I was in a huge, old, gray building. Inside there were was a sophisticated looking party attended by many rich people, actors, and actresses. They were drinking happily and looked very elegant and respectable.

GOD impressed to me that HE reached out to each one of them, and they understood they were heading to hell, but that on these people’s heart, man’s approval and human praise were more important to them.

I believed LORD JESUS showed me the real deal of these people’s life, because during that time, I loved to look elegant and sophisticated. Not that GOD prohibits us from wearing nice clothes, but that it had became the center of my life. GOD taught me through that scene that life is more than that. It is all about LORD JESUS.

These people in the party were connected by black string from Satan. When the demons saw that I could see the real condition of those people, they were mad and ran towards me to kill me.

I ran as fast as I could and I opened a door. When I opened it, I saw demons playing chess. They also realized that I could see the real situation, that my eyes weren’t blinded, and that I could truly see them, they were very mad and started running after me. Just like those people and demons in the party, these demons who were playing chess were interconnected with black strings from Satan himself.

It was just impressed on me that it is the last days and only few people were left on that area. While running, I saw some people and we went inside a room to hide. The room was really messy and a lot of papers were scattered everywhere.

One person said that we got to hide since a demon had known our location. There was no way out of that room as there was only one door and the room itself was very small. There was a counter like table on the corner like what you can see on a kitchen. Some of its many drawers were missing , and we could fit under, although it won’t really hide us. We still went under still.

All of a sudden, the demon went inside of the room floating. The LORD JESUS impressed upon me that it is the demon that causes homosexuality to anyone who can be fooled. The demon had no gender. The demon looked like a normal person and looked very rich. He has Chinese looking eyes, white complexion, with long black, silky hair. Then the scene was changed.

All of a sudden, all the people all over the earth were gathered in a different place. We were very tired from all the running and hiding from demons. In this place, there were no more demons. Just us human beings. It still felt like it was really the end of days and the end of the world.

I believe LORD JESUS said something really loud but I forgot what it was. Then the sky became pitch dark. We were all gazing to the sky. Then from left to right, the cells of time (that’s what I understood in my dream) appeared quickly from left to right. It was impressed upon me that the time was being passed really quickly. Then all of a sudden, all of our clothing changed. There were those wearing white, others black.

I became sad because I love to wear a white robe but instead I wore black instead. While we were wondering and looking at each other, I saw someone who looked like a known actress in our country. It was impressed upon me that this actress still live in denial of GOD’s existence even after all the evidence set before her all throughout her life. She is going to hell.

The lady on my right side was praising GOD. She was wearing white and I envied her. She started to float and I kept on jumping cause I was thinking that I love to float like the lady then go to heaven.

But that’s not how it happened. The lady was sent straight to hell. I was really shocked. The lady looked really nice, mild, and kind and I believed she praised GOD awhile ago. So I wasn’t sure why she was sent to hell instead. Not only that, GOD ALMIGHTY FATHER made me understand that HE’s mad/angry with the lady and that HE didn’t recognize her as HIS child.

GOD made me understand that the lady had been extremely religious all her life. But she actually worshipped her religion and mary, and had hardened her heart to GOD’s prodding. Many times GOD already explained to her that LORD JESUS is the only way, not Mary, not the apostles. So because the lady worshipped her religion and Mary, she never really worship the true GOD of heaven and earth.

After that, I was suddenly taken into the sky at an extremely rapid pace and I was out of the earth and then I was in outer space. Then I saw the moon, it was round. Then I was brought up near a door to hell slowly but I wasn’t taken inside because the LORD JESUS CHRIST was blocking the door to hell. HE was on the cross, full of blood and suffering. HE gently explain to me that my sins were many and HE, being a holy GOD, I am not worthy to even look at HIM, but that HE saved me because HE loves me.

Then I woke up after that and I really cried hard.

I got dreams and impressions when I was still a new Christian years ago. I also got a lot of demonic attacks but I cast them out in the LORD JESUS ‘s name.

But I got backslidden for years and I let anger and anger took a foothold on me. Thanks to GOD, to LORD JESUS CHRIST, HE lead me to fast for days about a week ago and it made a huge breakthrough. Just a short background also, I was out of job for a year. 3 days into my fasting, a company called me for a job interview and in a week’s time, I got a job. During my fasting, the LORD JESUS also led me to and it helps increase my faith tremendously.

I am a work in progress and I believe LORD JESUS will always be there for me.

Always spend time with GOD. The demons will use situations, other people and anything like imagination to trick you in spending less time with GOD. Do your best to keep your eyes on LORD JESUS. Pray and give thanks to LORD JESUS daily.


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