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Saved from Drugs, Adultery, Self Harm and so much More

I want to tell everyone how I was healed and led back to God. In 2006 I was induced to have my son at 41 weeks pregnant. I was in labor for 31 long hours when my baby’s heartbeat began to drop. The doctor suggested a C-section and I agreed. I was scared to death that something might happen. I just had this feeling. I said a prayer with my mom when we went back to the operating room. I was a sinner and was lost, I believed in God but hadn’t asked for forgiveness then.

I had the C-section and while in the recovery room I felt something heavy on my legs I asked my boyfriend (my baby’s father and husband now) to check and see if it was something on me and he said yes, it’s blood. I started to hemorrhage and the doctor took me back to emergency surgery. I was out like a light. I awoke to find out that I had been given a hysterectomy. I was 19 years old. I was in so much pain. I was bleeding so bad the doctor tried to stitch my uterus back together, but it didn’t work, and I had three blood transfusions and the doctor told my mom I would definitely die if I didn’t have the hysterectomy. So, she signed the papers.

When he came back out, he told the family that he has done all he can, and the rest was up to God. That’s when everyone thought I wasn’t going to make it. They were making plans for where my son would live. My grandfather (may he rest in peace) KEPT PRAYING! praying more and more he had people praying in like 5 different states for me!

Then a man came to the hospital. I was on a ventilator tube in my throat and couldn’t talk or nothing. I was in an induced coma because of the pain I would have been in if awake the dr’s thought it was best. The man made a prayer group of people in my family holding hands and prayed for me. When he was finished praying, he was smiling and laughing telling my mom that I was coming out of ICU in a matter of time, and he KNEW I was coming out. He said the LORD told him I was.

Well, the next day I was up in the chair and talking without the tube! I was moved to a regular room the day after that and went home to be with my newborn son four days thereafter. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks all together. The Lord God healed me, and it happened through the power of prayer. I am so thankful for everything he has done for me today and the chances I’ve been given to accept Christ as my savior.

I accepted Christ and was baptized a month or so after this all happened. Four months later I backslid and started acting out and sinning a lot.  I was like 10 times worse in sin than I was before I gave my life to God. I committed adultery. I was self-harming and deeply depressed. I thought about suicide a lot. I was doing drugs/drinking, I was being a horrible mother to my son. I always loved him, but I wasn’t there for him like I should’ve been. I have gone back to church and plan on staying there.

My husband and I want to raise our son up to know that God is always there for him. I have been saved so many times from drugs and adultery and my husband from alcoholism. He saved my marriage! I just wanted to share that God has changed my life for the better and I was nothing without him! Anything is possible with him!

There is something else on my heart that I wish to share. I was lying in bed and kept having thoughts about not being saved and not being right with God. I was praying and praying that it was the devil tempting me and telling me these things. I asked God if he was there with me let me know he is there. Please I begged. I was so confused of what to do. This was about a week ago. I begged for about an hour really.

Then I was laying on my bed on my stomach with my face down and praying hard. I felt a presence standing beside my bed. I was overcome with emotions, and I know that it was Jesus standing beside me letting me know that he was there. I did not move my head up to look to see him, but I felt him there. I know that it was him!

I started to thank God and worship him and cry loudly letting him know that I know he was with me. It was one of the most amazing experiences with God. I’ve known. I know that my Jesus loves me, and he is with me no matter what the devil says he is a liar, and he will keep lying! I will not believe him because I’ve met Jesus now and he is with me always!

I hope that this testimony will maybe touch someone’s heart and let them know that all you have to do is pray to him and he will show you the way and no matter what don’t give up because he is there, and he is listening to you! He will never fail you and He loves you so much! All I did was kept praying and it was amazing to experience the love of Jesus. No, I was not on drugs and no I was not drinking It was the power of God. TRUST IN HIM FOREVER! I love all of you. Your sister in Christ.


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