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He Saved Me! Healed of Diabetes Mellitus

About 2 years ago, I was on holiday with my parents at to Ikare in southwest Nigeria. I suddenly realised that I urinated excessively after any carbohydrate meal, and I began to lose weight. A physician diagnosed Diabetes mellitus which was scary to me considering that I was only 22.

I was very perplexed and confused but, in the process, I came across some Christian tapes. They inspired me and I decided to take my case to God. The Holy Spirit inspired me to go on a three-day special fasting and prayer session which I did.

A day after the fasting and prayer I purged and felt very light and tired. I instantly knew something has changed… 2 years after, I have been eating and drinking what I like since then and I haven’t fell ill once. It provided me the opportunity to meet Christ and become born again, my life hasn’t been the same ever since. I want you to know he can do the same in your life too if you give him the chance.


  1. Keith 1/29/2008
  2. Lydia Belachew 10/13/2021

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