Dog Silhouette

God Healed my Dog

God bless you all. I just want to share this testimony to God’s glory.

I have two dogs. Snowy which is six years old and her puppy Joey is two years. Recently Snowy got very sick very quickly. She refused to eat and lost weight. She could not breathe properly and was vomiting as well. I love my dogs and was very worried about her.

As she was sleeping the couch I played a sermon titled “The Authority of The Word” by William Branham. I left my phone with her the entire night and kept on playing the same sermon over and over. Fear tried to tell me my dog won’t get better. I pushed that thought aside.

The next morning I found her sitting up straight and looked much much better. Previously she looked as if she wouldn’t survive the night. God has healed her and she is well and has an appetite back also.

Praise be to God.


  1. Ryan M Young 5/26/2021
  2. Staci 8/16/2021

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