Saved from Addiction

After struggling for breath I was diagnosed with COPD and put on medication. Did I learn? Why I still smoked, drank, etc.

God put me in hospital 6 days. Did I learn? No, I went and got vape supplies, still drinking like a fish. Five months later I was back in hospital for round three.

God put on my heart that I would be dead if I didn’t quit. He reinforced it with medical folks telling me at the same time to quit. Not this time. It was different. I saw my whole life where I messed up, wasn’t living right, still getting to know this new person. Since then I came from homeless to a really good job a new truck and hope. All this in eleven months.

I still have COPD but God is working on that so please never give up. Trust Him. He can change your life. I’ve lived it, been through it and the best is on the way. I pray for all you guys. Never give up.

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