Women Suffering Pain

Recovery from Kidney Stones

I want to share this testimony to bring hope to anyone who believes that everything is beyond their hands and have lost faith.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – KJV

A year ago I used to get severe back pain. It was so bad that I could hardly sleep peaceful.

When I went to a general physician. He made to blood and urine test to check kidney function. The test came normal. Since I am a girl he assumed It would have been a vit d and calcium deficiency. I go to med school and I knew that the pain was due to some kidney problem and not calcium deficiency. But I so badly wanted whatever the doctor said to be true.

As days passed by the pain increased. I kept delaying and I was scared. So I went to the same doctor and this time he suggested me to do ultrasound abdomen to see what would be the underlying cause . Turned out I had 2 kidney stones.

My heart felt so heavy. I know kidney stone isn’t a big disease. But I was scared. He referred me to a top urologist who advised me to get admitted and get operated immediately. I went to an another doctor for second opinion and was suggested same.

Even though I was going to become a doctor, I wasn’t ready for the surgery. I wanted to be healed by God. It was a huge step for me. I told I won’t go to any doctor for kidney stone but only put faith in God. Every time I had pain, my faith was put into question. I was confused and lost. Was God listening to me? Would he heal me? I knew God can heal me but would he heal me was a big question. I wasn’t a very spiritual person. I felt like he had no reason to listen to my prayer because I didn’t deserve that.

I would ask my mother to pray for me and also other pastors to pray for me. At one point I got a dream where I saw stones being removed from my kidney. I woke up from dream and thanked God. It was a sign. Something to hold onto whenever I was losing hope.

The entire period when I had kidney stone, so many people told only negative stuff. My friends, relatives said stone was big enough to come out on its own and even if it did then it’s going to pain me badly.

In college I had to read about kidney, the consequence and damages because of kidney stone. My faith was put into question. I would be lying if I said I trusted God blindly. I didn’t. I was losing hope. The entire time I always remembered about Job. How even after losing everything, he never blamed God. Somehow It was a hard step but I choose to leave all the fear burden on God and trust him.

A few months back I got severe pain. The first day I could bear it. Second day was horrible. 5 hours and pain never stopped. I thought my kidney was damaged. I cried and prayed. And finally lost every hope I had and went to doctor.

They gave me painkillers iv and did ultrasound. I apparently had only 1 stone. The bigger stone had passed on its own without any pain and the second stone was on the verge to fall into the bladder.

I was very happy. I thought it’s all over. But the doctor suggested to do surgery again. I was very confused. I didn’t have it in me to go through the pain and I felt like God wouldn’t take so long to heal me. My mother on the other hand wanted to consult another doctor. At that point I didn’t care.

No matter which doctor he is going to suggest surgery. But this doctor was different. He said my stone will pass out within 5 days. And that did happen.

This testimony might sound less. But I had kidney stone pain for a year. I have had sleepless nights, vomited everything I ate, missed college classes.

As a doctor I know now that surgery is the option in my case. All praises to God. He does the impossible. Trusting Him is hard when this world says the opposite. But he is a patient God, does everything in his time. We have to seek God for all our ways and place our trust on him. May God be with you.


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