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Healing Upon My Life

Going through life we as humans will be exposed and hit with many unexpected things. In most cases the first thing that come upon us is fear because we automatically forget the promise that Jesus has told us. Which is not what we should allow, when hurtful, harmful, scary, or even stressful situations/ things occur look to Jesus he has all of the Victory, he will restore you he will make you whole, he will fulfill you. And like he promised us He will never leave us nor forsake us. With all that being said I am going to share a testimony about my life.

I am an young adult and  I am getting to know the world just as anyone else my age is. God has blessed me in many ways, even ways that I can go on and on about.

About two years ago, I entered into what you can call a “Young love relationship” I dated this guy wishing and hoping that one day I will marry him, I was so lost in him that over time bits and pieces of my personality begin to slip away from me. Over time he began to say things to me like “Your too nice” “You smile too much” etc he began to put me down for my happy and joyful spirit.  I was so discouraged, personally I was just happy that I had another day to smile and to brighten someone else day.

Over time he began to try to harm me with his harsh words over and over again and then I began to turn to JESUS Christ asking him to remove me from the situation. I asked God that he remove anyone out of my life who don’t belong there.

And as I prayed for that. he did so. That relationship ended, and as time grew, I begin to gain my strength back. I’m not gonna lie it was hard leaving that relationship I was “in love” so after we broke up I fell into a dark depression, I was not walking in faith I totally forgot Jesus’s promises. I begin to date other men, and I met this one man, he was much older than me, he began to make me feel good, but as my ex did me wrong, I began to do the same to the new guy. I did not let go.

I begin to do things that I knew I should not have been doing and on June 8th, I received an unexpected call from my doctor telling me that I have been exposed to HSV or in other words she told me that I have Genital Herpes within the last 4-6 weeks.

My heart instantly dropped I begin to worry.  I searched the internet for hours and hours.  Trying to find if there is a way that this is a mistake, or things such as “Is it possible for a blood test to be a false positive” etc I can go on and on I cried and cried and I worried, I forgot the promise that Jesus has on my life.

So, a day or a few days after I was told the news, I gain the courage to tell my little sister, although we fight, and sometimes don’t get along. My sister is very mature and there is something in her that I know she can be trusted with information such as this.

I told her with bubbles in my throat and tears in my eyes and she replied to me,

“Nope, don’t accept it.”

This is a wakeup call, Keep your head up.

She mentioned to me that she is a prophet and she already knew that, that was what I was going to tell her. My baby sister told me to remember what God has told us,

“Nothing is ever too big for him; this shall all pass over. You are healed.”

And after having that talk with my sister I remembered how much God loves us he told us that he will never leave us nor forsake us, even in our wrong doings, he is there with us.

From June 9th all the way up until this day June 15th as I am writing this testimony God has revealed everything to me, he told me that I am already healed. I watched many messages from Joel Osteen, and it seems as though, every time he said something that pairs or is in connection to my life, I get the “chills”. And I wondered what are these chills that I get?

The holy spirit has led me to know that it is confirmed! You are healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Remember, it is already finished no need to worry no more no need to cry no more it is already done. In his word he says he will give us a sound mind. When those thoughts try to arise, you cast them down to the pit of hell!  You are a temple of Jesus Christ, and no sickness/ nor disease is allowed near you, it will all pass you by.

I scheduled a GYN appointment for June 22nd, and I am walking in faith and believing that–that doctor will pronounce to me that there is nothing wrong I am completely healthy. And when I go to take another Blood test they will tell me everything came back negative. You have a good day.

I am not accepting anything against God’s promises! I am a King’s Kid, the commanded blessing is upon my life Jesus has poured his blood over me and in him I am healed, I am free, I will not worry, I will not cry and if I do cry, they are tears of joy, for the battle is not mine it is the Lords and I stand and agree with him every single day of my life.

Every day when I wake up I pray and in my prayer I mention healing I speak on my body every single day, I never stop because my days in this earth will be fulfilled, I will meet my destiny in this life, no sickness nor disease will stop anything, I will get married in the future I will have children, the blood of Jesus is over my family, my finances, my health, my mind, my car, over everything that I touch.

He said if you ask, you shall receive. God knows my desires, and I believe and trust in him.

The doctor told me there are groups we can link you too, there are people to talk to, if you need anything give me a call back and what I believe is that I am going to call her back telling her that I am healed from this virus, my God has healed me and I will tell her that I am praying for anyone else who has been told this news, my job as a warrior is not finished, For God has gave me a task and I will be obedient.

This wakeup call has shown me how great our God is, although this is a nasty and unfortunate illness, God has already brought me through and I know and believe that anyone else who are seeking an miracle or healing just know that it is finished confess daily, write it down, Make it plain, and always and forever WALK BY FAITH and not by sight.


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