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He Lives! Miraculous Healing of My Husband’s Lungs

The truth is He lives in each one of us! He is there always and when we are at our darkest hour. I’ve had some very big ups and downs in my lifetime, once I was on my belly praying to the Lord and have felt his grace upon me. When we are open to him, we can know he is there. As it was said we only need faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain, imagine what faith is capable of.

My husband recently went into the Dr. for side pain (longtime smoker) and received Xray results, they told him they had found a 2mm spot in his lung and wanted him to take another Xray while awaiting the authorization for a CT scan. My husband wept, I wept and then I prayed, and I prayed over him and as I was praying over him, I saw Jesus and his hands moving in unison with mine to touch my husband’s side.

It was a miracle and the beauty of it is indescribable.  My husband always looks to the bible, and this time he looked to the book for our heavenly Father’s words to speak to him now in this time of despair and confusion, He found 2 verses in Acts that gave him encouragement, meanwhile I had by chance been overhearing a sermon by Joel Osteen concerning Hezekiah and Isaiah. If you have read about King Hezekiah you know he was told to prepare his house for his death and he began to tell God he had done so much for him, eventually praying and praising God giving thanks to the Father and God granted Hezekiah 15 more years. It was a calling of the Holy Spirit for me to pass onto my husband the story of King Hezekiah and to remind my husband of repentance and mercy.

My husband spent time with God one evening away from the family (we have 3 small children) and prayed and praised the Lord. 2 days later we received the results of the second Xray, they were NORMAL. PRAISE GOD, THANK GOD FOR HE IS MERCIFUL This is just one of the miraculous doings of our heavenly Father, I remember to give praise to Jesus for he is the Way the Truth and the Life and none come to the Father but through him. One thing I’m certain of, is God’s Grace, Jesus Lives,  Believe in Him, He believes in you!

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