Prophecy in a Dream

The Dream

On a Sunday morning, in the summer of 2004, I had a dream that I was working in a hospital. I was walking from room to room checking on patients when I slowly realized something was wrong. In every other room that I had gone in, the patient was missing. In a panic, I walked fast out to the nurses station to get clearer understanding of what was going on, and I noticed people everywhere running back and forth. Some were screaming and crying,

I even saw people lifeless bodies laying on the floor in the many hallways. I to started panicking, running fast trying to find someone to help me understand what was going on. I happened to run into the restroom to see if someone was there who could help me, and to my surprise, there were many people in there who were dead, some vomiting, and others just up against the wall in a squatting position, moaning and groaning in weakness. Some of the people in the restroom were nurses.

I ran out of the restroom yelling “somebody please call the ambulance, help! help!”, and as I was running down a narrow hall, I noticed in the far distance a unusual door at the end. When I reached the door, I ran inside full force to what looked like an apartment. A lady was standing firm as if waiting for me, and I instantly started yelling in a panic for her to call the ambulance.

To my surprise she was calm and had a humble appearance. She kept telling me to read chapter 7 verse 6. She repeated herself maybe 4 times, and I was so distorted and confused, I couldn’t understand why she was so calm when I was screaming out and crying for help. So my natural reaction was to run out to find help.

After running out leaving the lady behind, I ended up back in the hospital halls. I could see all the people who were dead on the floor, and others who were falling down and moaning with vomit all over them.

I ended up running on to what seemed like an outside patio or porch, that was maybe 2 stories or higher. There were many people out there starring up at the sky. I tried to get there attention but they ignored me, it was almost like they were in a trance. Once again I ran back inside and ended up right back at that door at the end of the hall.

When I went inside, the same lady was standing there in her same spot, but I notice a heavy-set man, behind her jumping up and down yelling,

“The end has come, the end has come, it has roused itself against you, the end has come!”.

I felt myself calming down when the lady said, “read chapter 7 verse 6”. I remember asking her what part of the bible is it in, but she kept repeating herself.

I became humbled and I saw that the woman’s’ pupils in her eyes were lavender diamonds, and she also had a lavender diamond around her neck in what looked like a small clear box-shaped locket. Her eyes and that locket was glowing so bright, but for some reason, in my dream I wasn’t afraid.

After I said ok, to the lady, I jumped up out of my sleep, and I laid there in my bed shaking because I was still feeling the panic from seeing all those dead people in my dream, plus I was scared from remembering how the woman’s face looked and I was afraid of what I might find once I looked through the bible at a chapter 7 verse 6.

After maybe 30 minutes of just wondering what that dream was all about, I gathered up enough nerves to get my bible and search for a chapter 7 verse 6. With my hands still shaking from being nerves, I decided to go through each book of the bible until I came across something that had reference to my dream, and so I started…Genesis…Exodus….Leviticus… etc.

I notice somthing familiar when I got to Ezekiel, but to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I kept looking till I got to revelations, and still there was nothing else I could find in reference to my dream except in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 7 verse 6…it said…

“The end has come! the end has come! it has roused itself against you. the end has come.”

I instantly got shaky and scared because I knew that there was a significance to what I found, because remember the man in my dream was yelling it?

No Understanding

For a long time, I only told a few people about it, and some who are close to me said that it was my mother visiting me, who had passed away 5 years earlier from liver disease, but I knew in my heart that this woman was sent to me by GOD to deliver a message, and at the time of the dream, I was going through hardship times and I felt that the message was, either deliverance or that I was about to die, because the scripture said, “The end had roused itself against you” so I took it personal, and for a long time I didn’t understand the spiritual significance of that dream.

The Evangelist

In the Fall of 2005, there was a weather advisory that said there was going to be a hurricane, and that people in the south east portion of Texas and parts of Louisiana was going to be affected (those of you who live in the USA in the Southern states, i’m talking about hurricane Rita). My sister and I rushed from store to store to stock up on water and canned meats.

In one particular food store, I had gone off to get some canned meat, and when I got back, my sister was talking to a middle aged lady (who said her name is angel) who seemed to have a humble looking appearance, I didn’t really think twice about who she was because I thought that she was a client that my sister had (my sister is a hair-stylist).

So while I was listening to there conversation about God, my sister was in mid-sentence, when Angel, all-of-a-sudden turned my way and prophesied, she said, “your calling is to evangelize to women and teenage girls who come from broken homes, who are addicted to drugs, with drug infested babies, and children who are homeless in the streets, says God”…I was standing there with a half smile on my face, but thinking to myself, how will I ever do something like that when I’m so shy, but I also appreciated her words, but in my mind I wasn’t interested.

I never really gave it any thought, but I didn’t forget about what angel said.

A Change in My Life

I always had problems in keeping a relationship, but I decided to give it one more try before I stopped dating, and on December 30,2005, I met a guy, while visiting my sister for the holidays. He was a very attractive, well-spoken man with a nice God-fearing attitude. I just knew he was the man that I would spend my life with so I decided to give him a chance and one month later he moved in with me. What I thought was a perfect harmony, ended up being a perfect, personal hell.

To sum up things about him, he was a drug addict on crack, he was suicidal, tried to sleep with my best friend, called to my job harassing my co-workers and embarrassing me by telling all my business. I also heard from a neighbor that while I was at work overnight, my boyfriend was messing with transsexual men who lived in my apartments.

He also told me that he wished to be back with his ex because he missed her. Another thing was that he lied about his age, he told me he was 35, and with me being at the time just turning 23, I felt a little intimidated with him, but he assured me that everything was going to be fine…well after he settled in, he confessed to me that he was 45 years old, and I instantly understood why he felt the need to control me.

Lastly he told me that he would pay me $100 to blow-up his ex girl friends house, because he was so hurt that she cheated on him. I laughed at it, but in the back of my mind, I knew that he was serious, because of the demonic expression he had on his face.

Out of all the things he did to me, I had come to conclusion that he was a crazy-minded sick person and he had to get out of my house, and I felt even more foolish for letting him stay that long.

The Acception

Believe it or not, I met him on Dec 30, he moved in on Feb.11, and I put him out on March 11, 2006.

I know it was a stupid mistake, but if your wondering how does that fit in with this “Prophecy in a Dream”, well, God had to set me up a situation that was going to make me come to him for answers, and deliverance.

Before I met my ex, I had a bank account with a lot of money, of course he cleaned out all of my funds. I had grown to hate him and myself for being so stupid. I finally pray for a way for God to remove that evil man out of my life. God gave me enough strength to tell my ex to leave, but instead of telling him fact to face, I went to my sister’s house, I called my house, and when he answered I told him that he had to leave, and he did, with no argument.

Well as soon as I put my ex out, I decided that I was going to live for God and do his will because my plans for my life had gotten me in a desperate bad, bad, no good, horrible situation, and that’s when I realized that needed a supernatural healing because I was about to lose my mind.

I mentally tied my hands behind my back and told God that he is in control and to do with me what he know is best. I gave give up sex, partying and all the negative things that my life consisted of. And that’s when God put me through a purification process; For three months, I lived, ate, and slept in the hands of God, I got baptized in the holy spirit and joined Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.

My first time at the church, I met a guy named Reggie, who told me that my calling is to evangelize. I don’t remember telling him that I heard that before, but I knew that God was telling me something that I need to take into consideration.

Reggie also told me that God spoke to him and told him that I am destined for great things. I told Reggie my dream and he interpreted it for me…he said God was showing me in a vision that in a world of spiritually dead, sick and dying people, I needed to be a guiding light, that reflection of Christ Jesus, to lead the afflicted ones back to our Heavenly Father.

The Current Times

I accepted God’s invitation to come into his kingdom of glory and help return his people back to him. I’m not speaking to large crowds yet, but I have been evangelizing to my family and friends, and so far, everyone around me is changing, and accepting Jesus Christ. That lets me know that I am anointed with God’s holy fire and highly favored. It is my duty, to preach the gospel throughout the nations and share with people, the love and significance of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, which altogether is GOD…amen

Jeremiah 29:11-14


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