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Marijuana Opens the Gate to Demonic Realm. Jesus Saved Me.

As a believer in Christ, I would like others to experience His the most amazing love. If God could forgive me and save me, He can do it for anyone.

My life before Christ.

I was born into a non-Christian family. My parents worked hard to give me a good life. At the age of 14 I started to rebel. I started to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. I was sure my looks was everything I had. I stole my mother’s gold jewelry. I was having sex with people who didn’t care about me. I was young and naive; I didn’t have any experience and right guidance to show me that I was doing bad things. In college, I was mostly focused on looking good and partying. My life was filled with sadness.

How I came to know Jesus Christ personally.

In my early twenties I started to smoke weed a lot. I became interested in channeling spirits, spirit mediums, 3rd eye opening, chakra cleansing, one love consciousness, basically New Age movement. Those things are very dangerous. Combined with drugs can open a person up to spiritual/demonic attack. Drugs create weaknesses in the person’s mind, allowing demons to enter. I knew I was doing something wrong smoking all that marijuana since my mother begged me not to. I didn’t care, I kept smoking and talking to spirits.

Once I took a hit of weed, I found myself in another plane of consciousness, different frequency world where communication is made by thought, telepathically. It’s the feeling where you do not see anything but FEEL the presence in the room. One morning, I felt really bad, I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight, I felt completely as if other beings entered my own, I called my mother and told her

”Mother I lied to you, I was smoking marijuana a lot, take me to hospital”

I had voices in my head I couldn’t control anymore. My sister helped me to pack and while we were on our way to the hospital I felt COMPLETELY possessed. No other word can describe that. I threw myself on the ground and started screaming uncontrollably, many people gathered, I was aware of my behavior, but I couldn’t stop. I no longer had power over my body.

My sister cried asking me ”Anna, sweetheart what is happening, Anna”. She thought I was dying. I was experiencing the biggest torment in my whole life; I was yelling Jesus help me but all I heard was those demonic spirits doing anything they wanted with me.

I instantly knew even subconsciously that my involvement with the spirit realm was something very wrong. I later found out what God says about contacting the dead that it’s forbidden for our own good. Ambulance was called. I was transported to a mental hospital where I spent one week, got better, was released and moved to another city to live with my mother for some time. Sadly, I didn’t learn my lesson and accused her of everything.

Then one night, after an argument with her, I fell asleep and woke up surrounded by evil spirits mocking me, telling me I would burn in hell, I was a spirit in that dream, I didn’t have a body, I woke up terrified, and for the second time in my life I felt other spiritual beings entering me. Those feelings of terror were so profound I couldn’t stop them. I had no control over my mind.

Those 2 demonic attacks made me change. I realized I was acting like a spoiled child, not giving my mother the respect, she deserved. They made me realize that there is hell for sure, Satan is alive and so is Jesus Christ. Satan lies to you, makes you blind. I was afraid I would burn in Hell so I started to go to Church. While I was preparing for my baptism, I had a chance for the first time in my life to get to know who Jesus Christ really was. I realized He died for me, so I could be saved. I asked Jesus into my heart.

My life since I became a Christian.

The day I asked to receive Jesus Christ into my heart, all of a sudden I felt some beautiful force entering my mind, so beautiful I wanted to cry. I heard words,

”I forgive you.”

It was a Holy Spirit. I felt amazing peace afterwards. God knew my heart; he saw my despair and fear and my trying.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

I am a living proof that no matter how bad you sinned, if you truly are sorry and with all your heart you seek Christ you will be forgiven. Put your pride aside, don’t be ashamed, kneel down and confess your sins to God in Jesus Christ name just now, and He will hear you. God wants to forgive you; you just need to give Him a chance.

That day I decided to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. He truly gave me a new heart and new eyes. I no longer put looks first. I am looking for my worth somewhere else that is in Jesus Christ. I saw how greedy I was in my past and prideful. I loved material things. I was sure I was a sinless, innocent baby, where in reality I was committing so many sins on a daily basis. That is how Satan fooled me and closed my eyes so I just couldn’t see.

I believe God let me experience demonic/spiritual attacks to open my eyes and to warn others. If that didn’t happen I would still smoke marijuana and mess with spirit realm. Please remember that any drug that changes our consciousness opens the gate to demonic activity. I am more than happy to answer any questions annamalaak at gmail dot com

video version of my testimony


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