Girl delivered from witchcraft and vampirism

Jesus Saved Us from Evil Possession (Black Magic)

2016 has been the worst year of my family’s life. It all started when my teenage cousin began acting up and started to hate her mother. We would blame the divorce of her parents that happened 10 years ago, but she is only 15 now so it did not make sense. In 2015 I found out she had sex with someone I knew, and I asked her

“What happens if you get pregnant!?”

She responded.

“I will get an abortion!!!”

That was the worst thing any mother wants to hear.

  • Time past and she was caught with a 20-year-old.
  • Time past, and she started running away out of nowhere.
  • Time past and she disapeared randomly from school.
  • Time past and she would have random welfare phones.
  • Time past and I was blessed to have God send me in the way to stop her.

In 2016, she went missing from school, nowhere to be found. Police officer called me and said he had a number. He asked me to try and see if I can find a Facebook under that number. Better yet, I found an address to that number. At this time, I was 7-8 months pregnant, but I knew God had guided me. As soon as I passed the house I found, I see a car pulling up slowly. I stopped, and the car sped off! I sped off after him, literally a car speed chase, dialing 911. Police officer arrived; I had lost him.

As I was giving her the description of the car, she takes off speeding!!! I followed and she had caught the guy. This man was 30+ years old and admitted my cousin had spent the night with him but he “did not know she was missing”-why would he speed off from a car he did not know?. Next day a detective went undercover and found my cousin. She was not herself, weak, dirty, and lost.

Time past and me and my sister had our babies. My sisters baby was premie and was fighting for his life in ICU. Well 2 weeks after his birth I get a disturbing call that my cousins-cousin (we will call her lucy) was laughing saying she was surprised my sisters baby was still alive. I lost it. I did not care for anything and was ready to do something stupid. God was with me that day. Only he knows why he does the things he does.

A couple of weeks past and I was having a converstaion with my teenage cousin who went missing. I was telling her how evil LUCY was for saying that. She then looks at me and starts to cry and says she has something she has to tell me.. My heart dropped… She says LUCY attempted to sell her 2 days ago. MY HEARTS DROPPED! I asked her what, why, where, when, who-allllll the questions you can think of. After seeing how crazy I went, she admitted everything to me.

Lucy had taken advantage of her. All those times she went missing, LUCY had taken her, LUCY forced and manipulated her to go on the streets to sell herself. She had given her welfare phone to sell her from there and to communicate with her. My aunt was lost. She did not know why this would happen to her daughter!… Little did she know the lord was about to do the most beautiful thing, bless her with faith.

Slowly my aunt went to church and gave herself to the lord. In the church they would pray for my cousin and the evil one would possess himself in her. During the possessions, he had mention LUCYS name, he had said she was ruining my aunt’s life for 3 years-which explained the horrible medical problems, demonic things in the home, and the prostitution of my cousin. It was said LUCY had used black magic.

Time passed and I get a call, a call from my cousin historically crying that her mom was shaking and could not talk. I rushed to the house and see my aunt shaking and couldnt talk. In her hand was a meth pipe. She had caught her 14 year old daughter smoking in her own home and went into shock. I ran to the room as paramedics tried to figure out what was wrong with my aunt-couldnt figure it out. I rushed into the room screaming down at my cousin asking her WHY!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR MOTHER!

She was so high, looking at her drove me crazy, she is a child! She then starts crying historically and yells “LOOK WHAT LUCY HAS DONE TOOOOO MEEEE! ALL I THINK ABOUT IS SEX AND DRUGS, SEX & DRUGS!!!!!!”

I lost it, I fell to my knees crying… I yelled to law enforcement (that showed up to calm the situation)

“If you don’t get her, I will!”

Crying historically, like I never have before, My cousin crying to her parents asking to forgive her as she has tried several times to stop but can’t, and yelling out

“Help me!”

Me-crying on my knees still, I feel this warm tingly feeling coming in from my feet up, I stand straight, and look up, stopped crying completely! – I stand and laugh saying

“Hahaha… I feel him, oh he’s here alright.. hahah, Look.. he’s trying to get in me.. but guess what you can’t… you can’t because I am of Jesus Christ! In the name of Jesus Christ, I repent you!”

I walk to my cousin who is crying historically and I yell “DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE!
Her: “yes!! Help me!!!
Me: “Say, Jesus Christ I accept you in my life”
Her: “Jesus Christ I accept you in my life”
Her: “Jesus Christ I accept you in my life!!!!”
Me: In the name of Jesus Christ I repent you to leave me, I repent you to leave this home! I repent you to leave her, I repent you to leave this family!”

My cousin then shifts her head back, eyes in white, hand crimped, and makes this choking noise. I put my hand over her and yell


Repeating, and she would go in and out of it, yelling

“HELP ME!!!!”

She then stops and I stop and I look around confused, I thought evil had taken over me, when really god had sent the holy spirit in me to save my cousin. Minutes later, we rushed to the ER where they told us, if we were minutes late, she would have overdosed. That was 2 months ago, and god has saved her.

From that day forward the enemy has not possessed himself in her as she is saved. Many people have said to me that I am not capacitated to do that, but only god and I know what happened to me that day. That warm tingly feeling was the holy spirit. I have NEVER prayed out loud like I did that day, NEVER repented or never knew what to say in a prayer out loud. Only god knows why he chose me.

This story has not ended. My family is fighting this battle as it has moved onto the people LUCY has possessed, but the lord has shown us that he has saved her in Jesus name. AMEN.


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