Prodigal Son

My name is Luke, and I was blessed with a wonderful childhood and loving parents who raised me close to the church. I was never one for doing what I was told or making good choices in life. I let the whispers of Satan draw my focus away from God. And at the age of about 12 I started smoking dope and came to the conclusion that Christians were all geeks.

I did thankfully still believe in God, but I was arrogant and thought I knew what God was all about, that I could do whatever I wanted and be forgiven that He would protect me no matter what. I had twisted the gospel to suit my own agenda and thought that I was invincible.

I turned my back on what I believed and began to chase all the pleasures the world had to offer. I worshipped drugs and alcohol, lived for parties and loved women more than anything because that was what the world had told me people respected. I sought popularity with great enthusiasm. As time went on, I got older and the years of abusing my spirit began to show I had become a loser constantly talking filth and my heart was full of sorrow yet still the false smile came up and the parties continued.

Eventually the strain of hiding my sorrow became a great burden and every time I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with the person I saw for I had become truly vile inside and I cried many times when there was no one looking. When the world finally turned me into what it wanted, even the worst began to despise me.

By this stage I was enslaved by my sins as I now had a son whom I had hidden from my family, a mind of filth and unhealthy addictions the weight of my burdens had truly become unbearable, and I began to lose my sanity. I remember standing on a firing range one day contemplating whether or not I should kill everyone I could see and go out in a blaze. Thankfully God placed a caring heart in me and later I prayed to God that he would come and rescue me from my shackles of sin, place me under his wing and call me back to His house.

I remember praying:

“Lord when you call me make it loud so that there is no mistake for I know that I am stubborn and foolish”

It wasn’t long after that there was a knock on my door not a preacher or an evangelist but a servant of Satan with 666 tattooed on his head called Les whose intentions were not pretty, I am sure. Anyway, I found myself sitting in his house with his friend quite aware that my life was in great danger as Les was the nice one! When I spoke to him there seemed to be a glimmer of humanity left but his friend was hollow his demons had fully devoured him, and he was dead inside a stone-cold killer as they say.

I was subjected to questioning, scare tactics and some beating but on the surface, I kept cool knowing that God was watching me, and, in my mind, I prayed for the men who held me against my will. I prayed that they would not do anything that would condemn them but they themselves would be saved.  Funny, I may have been in danger, but they were the ones who needed saving.

They thought that they were coming get information about drug dealers so they could rob them, Satan saw that I was calling onto the Lord and sent his henchmen to finish me off but I believe that God sent me there to plant a seed into the heart of Les and reveal his call like a trumpet (how his divine masterplan is beyond comprehension) for Les was curious about why I was not afraid and asked me.

“Why are you not afraid? Who do you belong to? What army are you in?”

My replay came without having to think about it nothing had ever been clearer.

I said:

“I belong to God! I’m in Gods army!

This was something that I couldn’t even say to the people I considered to be my close friends and yet here I was telling it to a self-professed devil worshipper. This seemed to stun him for a second then he became agitated, and he professed Satan as his master, I said that if he believed in the devil then he also believed in God He had never met anyone like me before.

Long story short, I managed to get out alive and moved back into the loving home of my parents and began to approach my faith with a mature mind. I have made epic mistakes since this time and have had to publicly address them. But I have come to realise that all the time I was walking in darkness God was calling me all I had to do was stop ignoring him. I now play the trumpet for a choir all over North Ireland. Praise the Lord for his grace has no limitations!

Psalm 116


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