Praying Women

Praying for Others

Our testimonies are so important.

As we overcome by the blood of Jesus and our testimonies.

It was my nieghbours testimonies of God taking away drugs from him and his friend on the same night with no side effects–they should have been in rehab–as well as others too that brought me to God. I was like, wow that’s so amazing.

But I came to realise how it changes people as I’m an evangelist and I was coming home and I saw this dog behaving badly and I said to this lady I can pray over the dog if you’d like.

The lady instantly said no no I don’t believe in that and so on. I said its ok, I understand and went to walk off but something stopped me… God. And I found myself talking to her telling her God just healed my dog and I know He can help yours. I explained about how He stopped her travel sickness.

And I said, well you take care God bless you and she said, you can pray.

I was gob smacked I prayed over the dog and left.

That’s what our testimonies do, they change peoples’ hearts and open them up to God by meeting them at there need by explaining how God has worked in our lives.

Therefore planting the seed.

I love telling others testimonies I don’t deny God like Peter did. He’s done so much in my life. The least I can do is give something back to God.

God bless you all xxx

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