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Prayer for Exam Results

Hello Guys,

I am asking for prayers for my exam results. I am a medical student who has yet to find out if I passed my exam or not. The exam consisted of two parts, a practical part and a theoretical part. I passed the practical part but I still don’t know my results for the theoretical. Although, I know how it felt when I wrote it. I had studied so hard for it and the questions that came just threw me off the boat. I was really sad about it, I did not expect those questions at all.

Therefore, I need all the love and prayers I can get. I need a miracle to pass. I know that it may not sound like a big deal, just re-sit the exam right? The problem is I already have one exam for a big course I have to re-sit this summer and I don’t want the amount of re-sits to pile up.

Also, now I am onto the next course, so re-sitting this exam would mean I would have to re-sit it two days after the exam in the current course is held.

Medical school has definitely been tough for me this year… so without going on and on into a lot of detail as to why things have ended up the way they have… I just came to ask for your prayers my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you.


  1. Ant 4/29/2019
  2. Lynne 4/30/2019
  3. Nadia 5/5/2019
    • Lynne 5/7/2019

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