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How I Passed Miraculously

I was a medical student at that time, and in my department, you are not allowed to fail more than two courses, if you do, it means you are repeating the whole year again and you are not allowed to repeat a class twice.

So, in my case, I had already repeated once. It happened that despite all my preparations, I missed one of my test dates which I automatically failed. Then a lecturer stopped me from writing an exam, making two exams and then I couldn’t read for a particular exam because I was under the weather.

All together that was 3 exams already.

I used to pray to God all through this period and also studied very well. Yet I didn’t understand what was happening.

The night before the result came out, I cried to God a lot because if I failed 3 courses it’s going to lead to withdraw from the department.

Then result came out the following day and I was allowed to resit the 3 courses it was a shock to me, and I was told it’s because two of the courses I failed is just one unit. Oh my God!

I was wowed at how God works. It’s because of that miracle that I am still in my profession till date.

God is just too faithful. The devil tried, but God is bigger.

Keep trusting God, He’s so faithful. Hallelujah!

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