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Prayer for Employment

I often come to this place when I am in need of something and I need the group to join me and pray. And I have never been disappointed after a couple of prayers, something good always happens …I have learnt a lot from people here and my perspective of life has changed alot. Thank you all.

My prayer request this time is for employment and a job. Nothing has bothered me this much ever. I am a citizen of Nigeria and securing employment once we have become eligible for employment is the toughest things ever. If I want to type about the situation, I won’t stop typing today but, please help me out as group…keep saying a prayer for me as often as possible till I return back with a testimony of gratitude.

susmanlaw at gmail dot com is my personal email. Thank you all.

I feel a bit depressed and barely sleep at night and I get lots and lots of mood-swings… emotions are flaring up!


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