Praying Girl

Pray with Me

Hi everyone,

I wnated to ask for prayer for me and anyone in this world who is going through same trialsĀ if anyone knows any verses from the bible I can come to please let me know.

I have been diagnosed with a anxiety disorder and will be starting medication for it and I will also be taking anti depressants the doctor says I need it. I am nervous and scared about taking this type of medication and I just want to ask god to help me get trough this and that in the end everything turns out ok, and I will be able to be the person he wants me to be. I’ve learned from this site how you can find support and talk to people who love the lord as much as I do. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS.


  1. cindy 10/11/2011
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  3. Rachael 10/18/2011
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  6. Isabel 7/8/2017

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