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How God Lifted Me Up In My Studies And Life

Hey, this is my first time writing here. If you are reading this, I guess you are probably scared for exam or you did your exam bad or you just want some inspiration. I have seen alot of miracles in my life. I don’t even think I could write them all here.

I would like to start by saying all praises to the almighty Lord. Without him I am nothing . So this is my testimony on how our great Lord took me as a girl who everyone underestimated and made me a girl whom people look up now. To speak about my background I was born in a non Christian family but my mother had got converted to Christianity so I was always brought up as a Christian.

I was always a normal average studying student. I never bothered about academics. To be a topper was never my aim and to be a doctor was something I totally hated. I had to transfer to a new school for certain reasons. I transferred when I  was in 5th grade. It was an all girls convent school. I felt pressurised .I had a lot of homework and so much to study. When our first test came I don’t even know what I studied . Results were released. I was shocked I had failed in all subjects except science.  I felt devasted .I failed in math. And it was my favorite subject.

My mom cried a lot. She was living for me and my family situation was not good back then. She prayed to God day and night. She wouldn’t sleep at night because her only daughter was suffering in her studies so badly.  I was a carefree kid. I just used to do my normal prayer. I had been friends with class toppers. But they left me when I failed in those tests. I had no friends.

My mother’s prayers were answered. God said to her that he would guide me in my life. And as we know our God will always keep his word. My mother had faith in him. The next test I failed in 3 subjects. And then I used to fail in 1 subject. It was language. I never liked studying something I can’t understand. I felt it was pointless. So, I used to constantly fail in language.

My percentage was average. So, I had no problem in passing that year. By the end of 7th I was like many average students in my class. When I was in 8th grade, I felt like I was changing. I started understanding life. I was no longer the carefree kid I was. I understood my situation and why I have to study. I had to study for my future but more importantly so that people will respect my mother.

I became friends with a girl who was a topper. She was a new student. Seeing her study so much, made me also want to study. I remember my mother told me to memorize 2 verses:

James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

And Numbers 23:23

Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!

I used to say them everytime when I pray. I used to speak to Lord that he knew my situation more than anyone. So he should guide and give me wisdom. For I had no one to guide me in my life except for the Lord.

I started studying more. I improved and percentage came up-to 75 . And in the finals it was 82. I still remember how happy I was. I knew it was all god’s grace that time. He is going to guide me. The fact that he heard my prayer made me very happy.

I always hated being a doctor. My friend always wanted to be a doctor. Seeing her I suddenly wanted to be one. I don’t know when it happened but at one point I acknowledge my aim in life. I realised that I wanted to be a doctor. My mother was always supportive of me. She was happy for me.

When I entered 9th grade,  our teachers thought of displaying the names of the top 10 students of each class. I wanted my name to be but top 10 was alot . There were so many toppers. I can’t compete with them. I felt bad. I used to pray to God.

When our results came I stood 5th in class. My ex-friend who left me because I failed was behind me. The girl who laughed at my math score was behind me. I was more than grateful to Lord. Many were shocked because I was nothing and suddenly I was scoring so much. Language was my weakness. I could score in English but not in second language. My mother prayed for it.

By the end of 10th, I scored highest in 2 out of the 6 subjects . Is it because I worked hard? No. It was all his. Not mine. He did teach me lesson. I remember getting proud in life. Lord brought me back that I was nothing without him and everything because of him.

When I prayed to God because I was accused for something I didn’t do. He gave me Joseph’s example and said that he would lift me up at the places where I fell

After 10th , I took science stream to persuade and become a doctor. I had my ups and down, I topped in 11th grade. My classmate was jealous of me. My bestfriend didn’t like me. I never stood up for myself. Never got angry on any outsider thinking one day they would realise their mistake but it never happened. 12th grade was my best and worst year. Best because I had reached great level in studies. Worst because my classmates didn’t like me . I was mentally hurt. I stopped praying. I gave it to the temptation. I was angry with them. My thoughts were like I studied and came till with my hard work. Who are these to make it all worst?

For getting through a medical college you need to qualify certain entrance exams. In my case it was NEET . Everyone knew in my college that this exam was certainly my strength. Initially my preparation was good . But with constant hatred. I used to cry everytime. My principal was against me all because his favorite student was against me. I always thought if she didn’t bother in spoiling my life might be I would have been somewhere else right now.

By the time NEET came, it was known that I would score and top. But I felt like I was fighting a lost battle. I realised my mistake. I should have put my worries on Lord. Instead, I took them on my shoulders and cried. I should have prayed to him. I should have realised that the one inside us is greater than the one in this world. After my exam I lost my hope. I felt like I was in a dark place. Worst is a part of me was ashamed and I felt like I didn’t deserve God’s mercy. I would never commit suicide because I knew it’s a sin, but I had no interest in living.

My dream to be a doctor was shattered. I had initially said I would fast for God after NEET exam as a thanksgiving for helping me write NEET well. But after writing, I felt bad because I didn’t do well. But I know I have to fast. So I fasted. Without any hope in him because if he wanted to do anything he would have done it before .Now it was too late.

But I prayed. When I had written my NEET exam I was always getting these words if one door is closed he will open another door.

I cried. Lord comforted me. He gave me many examples in Bible. There was a chance of reneet back then. I prayed to Lord that I want a re-exam but it’s his wish and let what he wish happen. I used to study . Reexam didn’t happen. Results were declared. I was waiting for state merit list. I was in borderline. I can get a medical seat or not.

Now I wanted to say something. Many relatives were happy because Now I have to take engineering. Typical choice. I never wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to be a doctor. Secondly I can’t afford a private seat for many reasons. I think it would make this testimony bigger if I state them all financial support was one of them. I will mention them in other testimonies of mine.

So my only way to be a doctor was through a govt seat. State list was declared. My rank was in 2400 . I was more than happy because my state has more than 2500 govt seat so I will get medical seat. I still can’t forget my happiness,  My mother and grandmother’s face. Lord didn’t leave me. He was there for me

Psalms 20:4

Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfil all thy counsel.

I was slightly sad. Always wondered if I took the right decision then I would be studying in the top college. Nonetheless I am grateful to Lord. His ways are not ours. So he definitely has some plan for me.

He lifted me in front of all those people who made fun of us for believing and praying to a lord of foreign nation. He lifted me in front those people who made fun of God. He lifted me in front of people who laughed at me for being talentless. He lifted me and made me like Joseph and he is still lifting me up and teaching me lessons.

Jeremiah 18:6

You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter.

He is the beginning and the ending,  the alpha and the omega. All praises to him, my Savior. I am nothing but a dust but he chose me. I surrender myself to him. Everyone reading this, you might have the greatest problem of your life. Someone might be suffering from a disease,  someone might be broke,  someone might not know what to do next in life, someone might be in the darkest stage of their life,  someone might be starting something new but scared if it is right,  let me tell you our Lord is great. There is nothing he can’t do. He is the Lord of his words and he always hears his children. His love for us is seen from how he gave his one and only son so that we may not perish .

One example of the Lord keeping his word is seen through Elisha ‘s last miracle after death. (2 kings 13:21 ). Elisha was to perform 16 miracles,  double of Elijah . He did 15 and died. People thought Lord didn’t keep his word. But the last miracle took place. So therefore have faith in Lord. Situation occurs were we will doubt Lord.  Our faith would be tested but at the end we will succeed so don’t lose faith in him and read Bible as its the only truth with us. Pray everyday for its the only connection with lord. Put your worries in him and believe , and yours sorrows will disappear.

Thank you for reading.

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