Praying Girl

Please Pray for My Healing. Genital Herpes

My name is Crys and I have been diagnosed with HSV 2 Three weeks ago. When the news came, I was devastated and the person that infected me is still in denial and refuses to get tested. Only 3 days after I got diagnosed, I learnt that he wasn’t the man he said he was. Father of 2 children, he is separated and I was not the only person he was calling “Girlfriend”.

I pray day and night, I started my Bible studies and I am so scared of having a new outbreak. I am terrified but I trust in the power of Jesus Christ.

I am asking for strength and kindness to forgive to those who were evil towards me and so I hope to be forgiven and get my healing. I believe that Jesus Christ, by his blood and sacrifice for us , I will get my healing.

I am so humbly asking for your sincere prayers and support during this journey.

God bless all those who read this call for help and pray for me.

Thank you all.