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God Promoted Me

I wanted to share a testimony about a time in my life when God promoted me in the company I was working for.

I had been working at my job for 8 years and had gotten to a point where I was the most senior person on my team.  A lot of the staff would come to me when they had questions or for me to give them advice about how they were handling their clients, and I was known in the agency for being the best when it came to working with clients especially when they first came into the program.

Eventually there ended up being a position for a supervisor that came up and when it did a number of us decided to apply.  I kept getting feedback from a lot of different people in the agency, people on different teams, people who worked in different sites that they felt that I should be the one to get the job. Even one of the coworkers who decided to apply for the job would continually say to me

“I know that you’re going to get it I don’t even know why I’m bothering.  I know you’re going to be the one to get it”,

but at the end of the day, she was the one that got it.  I remember after her getting the position her expressing to me that she was confused as to why she got it and a number of other people in the agency expressing the same kind of confusion.  I remember one of my other coworkers telling me that she had gone to the person who made the decision and questioned why they decided to give it to the other person because that the person they had given the job to when she had questions and she had concerns she would come to me.

I was really upset about the whole situation and even more upset a few months later when another position became available and without even interviewing anybody they gave the position to another worker. Both of the two workers who had gotten these promotions had been at the agency less time than I had been.

I was very bitter, very upset, very hurt and decided to start looking for another job which I did for months but didn’t find anything.  About 9 months after the first person had gotten her promotion, she came to me and indicated that she had applied for a job and had gotten an interview. There was something so weird about that experience because the minute she had mentioned her interview, in that moment I felt God speaking to me and telling me this is your time.   I didn’t 100% believe it, but I decided to trust and let God take control of the situation.

The next few months the same person kept coming back to me and updating me about what was going on with the position she applied for.  She mentioned a number of times feeling uncertain as to whether she was going to leave, whether or not she would get the position and if she got the position whether or not she would accept.  For some reason something inside of me every time she would talk about it just kept saying she’s going to get the position, she’s going to leave and then God is gonna give her position to you.  Even with all the thoughts going on inside of me I didn’t mention anything to anybody.

She interviewed and she eventually got the position and decided to accept the job. From the time she interviewed to the time she accepted the position was probably 2 1/2 months maybe 3 months.  And then at that point they started hiring for her position and again she would come back to me and she would tell me different stories about what was going on and how one of the people on the hiring committee was trying to convince the team to hire externally only.  This was the second person who had gotten the promotion, and she had also tried to convince two of her friends who did not work at the agency to apply for this position.

For whatever reason even though I should have been really stressed out about the fact that there was somebody actively campaigning against me getting the job, I didn’t feel any stress at all.  I just felt very very confident this is my time, God is going to do it.   I didn’t pray at all for the position.  I had prayed before the first person had gotten the promotion and before the second person I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed that God should open a door for me.  But when the second person ended up getting the promotion I just stop praying.  But even though I wasn’t really praying through all of this I just knew that God was going to do it.

While I was going through the hiring process that same person who got the first promotion came to me and explained that nobody else had applied.   When she said that I just felt very very confident that nobody else applied because this is my time.  When God wants to promote a person, He takes out even their competition, He makes them stand out above everybody else and He makes it so that no other person has the opportunity to go against what he has decided is going to be done.

It took another 2 months for them to to decide to interview me.  Before they did the interview another friend who also worked on my team one day came to me and kind of looked at me strangely and said, “Did you get promoted”? and I looked at her and said “I don’t really understand what you mean”.   And she said “Well you know our supervisor is going to be leaving, did she tell you that she got another job”? I said yes.

She kind of looked at me strangely again and then she said “Well I had a dream some time ago and in my dream I was giving my paperwork to you like you were my supervisor, and I didn’t want to say anything to you, but then this morning I thought I saw you coming out of the management meeting and I thought the promotion had already happened”.  I said no and she said “Ok”.   A few weeks after that I interviewed for the position, and I got the job.

I just want to encourage anybody that’s out there who is looking to God to do something in their life.  The bible tells us,

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. (Habakkuk 2:3)

When you pray to God and put your trust in Him, He always answers.  And He will even rearrange circumstances and situations just to fulfill His promise to you.  Whether you are trusting God for a job, for healing or for children… hold on to that dream and don’t let go!  It may take time but will never disappear.  God will eventually bring it to pass in your life.  Amen.


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