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Please Pray for Me

Brothers and sisters, I am calling on your prayers. Right now, the devil is telling me not to write for help because I hear voices saying that I’m scared, and I don’t trust God just because I am writing this email. Actually, this letter. Currently I am facing an eviction. I am under investigation for sexual molestation of my four-year-old son.

There is a restraining order on me preventing me from seeing my children and their mother. I am trying to complete a teacher’s certificate program and I have five days to complete it. I am out of money, and I need a job fast.

To begin with I have never molested my son. I am not going to write the details in this letter, but it just bothers me because I know that I am innocent. I am counting it all joy, but it is such an evil trick by Satan that it is just incredible. Now I have to gather testimony and witness to prove to the court that I am innocent.

But please pray for me because I am very tired of all of this mess that has happened in my life. I’ve always tried to be a good father, but it seems like I allowed the devil to get in somehow and almost destroy everything. For one, the mother and I aren’t together, which is great.

One day I went to her house and opened her door and lunged at her because I was angry that she wouldn’t let me see my children. I didn’t touch her. This was back in July on this year. I had apologized to her, and it seemed like she accepted my apology.

But in November she filed a restraining order against me. This was after my son told her and his grandmother that I sexually molested him. I just pray to God that he sees me through this situation. I know that he will it just seems like Satan is trying to destroy my life. I mean I’m almost about to start a teaching profession and I’m moving on with my life and it seems like I allowed Satan to get the best of me back in July and now I don’t know what to do.

Well, I just want to pray. My goal is to stay away from the mother of my children which I have done a very good job at, and I want to see my children. I’m praying that God heals me of my wounds and allows me to separate the two. In Jesus name please pray for my deliverance and pray my children.


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