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Dont Neglect People

Don’t neglect people in your life when you’re busy with your spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend

Hi all,

For the past 22 months, its been the sweetest period of my life. I started a relationship with a girl which I love a lot. We provided for one another abundantly, closely and generously. Then suddenly recently, she started being very cold to me. I asked her what’s going on and she said that she needed space and her feelings towards me have been different. Its been 3 weeks that this has happened and its really crushing my heart. I’ve beginning to feel that God is teaching me how to love my parents much more because I have seriously neglected them. Our God is a good God, I have prayed to him and invited him to intervene. I want this to be a reminder to all the brothers and sisters in Christ out there, that when things are going well in your love life, don’t ever neglect your loved ones especially your parents. Go check out the 10 commandments and you’ll figure. I pray Lord that if this relationship is from you, please open a door for me. Amen!

Thanks to all for reading this and may the Lord bless you!