Need Prayer for Help from the Lord

Hello thanks for reading this my name is Joseph I’m a married man with three lovely children wife Tabitha. kids, Paris, Adam, and Nicholas. We are Christians me and my wife are born again. Well, it goes like this… it ain’t no testimony but need all the prayer we can get because Jesus said when two or more agree in my name there I am in the midst.

It might sound stupid, but I really need this we need this. It’s been two months now since my children haven’t been to school three month since we’ve went to church due to no auto mobile. We had moved so we can get a fresh start that’s a long story i won’t go there. So now they are being transferred to a different school but have no way of getting there and school won’t provide the bus. We have been trying everything but can’t seem to get our hands on a good dependable car even to get to church. Friends or family don’t seem to wanna help so

I am calling on God the only one I need to help. And with your prayers and mine put together he will answer, believe me when I say you don’t know how bad and hard it is we even haft to walk to get food in the cold. I don’t have a job anymore too. I know there are people out there with bigger problems than me, but I hope and pray you can help me or pray that God will do something for us. We don’t have a lot of money, just need something.

But I believe through faith prayer and fasting God can do anything, but I need your prayers please. I have done everything I can do please I hope you don’t find this ridiculous, really hurts to stay every day all day home, need to go out there to find work to provide for my family get the kids back to school and go to church. Thank you very much I love you a so does God. God bless.


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