A girl praying amid a golden vision of the Lord Jesus.

My Vision of Jesus

Hi, I’m only 12 years old but I know God is using me to save others around me. I have found my purpose in life. Not to be concerned on how I look or act, but to be concerned about my love for other people. Here’s my story:

So, I was worshipping and was praying with my head down and eyes closed with my hands out. I was praying for my friends to experience God and to have a chance to know him. And to also know what to say to people when sharing the gospel.

Then suddenly, I see gold and I’m standing on a shiny gold bridge and about 50 or so yards away is a really tall throne and it was so tall I couldn’t see who was on it, but it had a really bright light coming from it. Then next to it, I see a smaller human sized throne, it had a man with a white robe long beautiful brown hair and pretty blue eyes that gave me the most comfort I had ever gotten in my whole life when I looked into them. On his head there was a thorn crown and this alone, just seeing him was greater than any birthday or Christmas present I had ever received.

Then he stood up. I noticed he was wearing the most basic common sandals. He took a step and his robe swiftly moved with each step. Then he was a meter away from me and put his hands out. I held onto them, and it brought me comfort and reassurance then he opened his arms out for a hug, and I didn’t even have to think about it but threw myself into his robe and started crying and got this sense of belongance with him. Then he said, ‘follow me’ and we went down another path of shiny gold.

Then these giant doors/gates opened. They were perhaps 4 floors tall, and it revealed green grass and beautiful strong trees and a lake blue river with a gentle stream of rushing water. There were the most extraordinary flowers then I saw these kids running around playing tag or some sort of running game. Their hair was perfect, and their faces always had smiles.

One girl fell but started laughing and got up and ran around again. Then Jesus turned to me and said, ‘I love you my daughter, and I am so proud of you, go and make disciples!’ Then I opened my eyes again. I was worshipping. When I got this vision the music around me faded away and I felt like a new person. I take this as a sign to go and make disciples and that heaven is coming to us soon.

I have only one message for all people who read this. Never underestimate the power that God has given YOU! He has given it to you for a great reason! You are part of his masterpiece of a plan!


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