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My Supernatural Jail Conversion

Hi, my name is Rami Khanfar, of the Palestinians by flesh, but a blessed Israelite by the Spirit. My story has an angel and demons involved and is true from first hand experience and rationalization. But it has a back story and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. I am 19 and when I was 17 I committed a robbery that got me a spot in County Jail.

Now I grew up a rebellious teenager, the type of kid parents weren’t fond of. So, jail visits couldn’t be counted on two hands. As you might know, I was brought up in an Islamic household and I made a name for myself in school. In high school I ended up on drugs and was even more rebellious towards family and authority. I always believed in God and the supernatural because I felt its reality in my life.

I was a realist, but in the most semi spiritual way. So, I always sought the truth because I knew truth, would set me free. The final touch of the back story is that I was so bad in the eyes of others and even myself that sometimes I would lay at night and see a man, who was me, but older, and he was wise and discerning, friendly and full of love, and he would teach others. My happiest moments were watching him. But I knew it was just a dream because I could never be who I wanted. I knew I was chained, just couldn’t put a name on it.

Now jail is where all the magic happened! I felt so hopeless and down because I always ended up here and started believing people were right when they said it was where I belonged. I decided to go to the bible study with the Chaplain cuz I had dabbled in Christianity but could never get past Muslims all going to hell. You know, that’s a tough nut, but he said, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one gets to the Father except through Him.” That pissed me off honestly but then he said,” if you believe and commit your life to Him, you will be supernaturally changed.”

I left pissed to my room and thought about it. I wanted so badly to have a change that was the supernatural I knew about. I hated my life. But after discussing it with my roommate who was a Satanist, I shrugged it off. A few days later he moved out and a 17-year-old guy moved in. We kicked it off for about a week until one Supernatural night! So, it went like this from an eye account: I opened a bible one night to Psalms and felt a scared feeling like I was being watched from my door and the vent.

I remember looking at the door and the design was just scary, like a presence. So next thing you know, (what I would guess like 2 minutes) I woke up in my sleep saying the word, “SATAN.” Now, it wasn’t just my voice; a demonic voice was seemingly intertwined within mine. I began saying to myself,” WHY DID I SAY THAT, WHY is this happening, why.” And it all faded, and it was like something was taking my soul. God has hidden the full amount of the pain, but the memory is like “hopelessness, helplessness, evil, darkness, emptiness, drained.” I felt like I would be one who would speak against the Holy Spirit.

Now all of a sudden! An angel appeared on my right side with an illuminating glory and said my name, “Rami, Rami, Rami, Rami, Rami, Rami, Rami” In such a soothing, comforting voice. I was relieved, closed my eyes, thanked the Lord, and I remember forcing myself awake and my eyes were shuttering. I stood up out of bed and said, “that was scary.”

Then still scared I woke up my roommate and as I was talking, he wasn’t responding so I turned around facing the door and started just trying to rebuke the devil in Jesus’ name cuz that’s all I knew to do. I felt like a forceful presence just spiraling around me, like evil laughing eyes locked on me.

And my friend stood in front of me with squinted eyes and an evil twisted smirk and said, “God doesn’t judge me.” And he just kept saying it. I tried explaining I was “trippin” and for him to quit playing, but he wasn’t stopping, and he wasn’t playing. I could tell he was influenced. I begged the guards to let me in the lobby and I ran out with my bible.

I was scared and couldn’t read the words and I just started crying and I fell to my knees and prayed to God saying,

“God I Can’t Do This Anymore! I lived my life my way and I keep messing up! That man said if I believe and commit my life to this Christian Jesus that I will be changed supernaturally. Please God! Jesus, I put my faith in you.”

The guards called in a psychologist and gave me choice to go back to my room or to go the cukoo room and with my little faith trusted God and went to face my demons. I had to put up with my roommate who I had once been friends with but was now “different.” I just kept reading the bible and he started putting up devil horns to scare me and it gave me chills then he made a fast scream and that too gave me chills and I then started rebuking him saying, “why are u doing this, you’re letting him use you, stop!” And I saw the influence leave his eyes and he sat there just biting his nails.

For two days I sat in the lobby trying to stay awake because I was still afraid of sleep, until he finally was moved out. Now I bought lots of food and someone stole it, and I was going to kill him. As I was interrogating people a voice inside said, “go to your room, and pray” so I did and then He showed me my evil heart when I have hatred. And the voice said “forgive him” so I did.

And a few days later I realized my being was changed! I was new! It was like a veil was taken off and I could understand life and God began to show me from my past all His places where He was in my past. And it was crazy!

But there’s one final thing: I moved to another pod and I had a dream of a dialogue between a man in jail and myself. I said to him in response, “so you want to be eternally condemned to hell forever?! And his eyes changed and were black with evil and it shot fear into me and I shot back to my bed and I was locked in my sheets and I saw starting from my left to my right demons laughing at me. But I was protected by a transparent gold barrier that they couldn’t pass. I called for Jesus and I woke up. But I wasn’t scared, even though I knew it was pretty scary.

From that point I fasted 16 days and studied the Word of God vehemently. I was bailed out and the court dropped my 2-20 years to 13 months probation on a misdemeanor assault! To this day I have sleep paralysis and see things but I just call on the name of Jesus and they fly! I am no longer the man I used to be! Amen Glory be to God the Father through Jesus Christ!


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