Praying Girl

My Heavenly Father

Hello, my name is David Roscoe, my first name means beloved, and my last name means from the forest or wilderness. When i was three years old my parents decided to take us to church for the first time, it was a easter sunday, and the only nice easter day that i can remember. After the service i was amazed at what i had heard, i couldnt think of anything else. After we went to our grandparents house i walked up the hill all the kids would play on, and looking at my shadow of the noonday sun i wondered if it were possible to become like that, and if it was possible thats what i would be. At the age of fourty i went to look at that hill that i originally had that thought after my mission with God was over, that is if its ever over, and that hill was no longer there, and the houses on that road were no longer going up hill, but where all level.

My grandmother when i was ten years old gave me a KJV bible that i couldnt understand if i wanted to, so didnt do me any good. Two years later as my spiritual self developed my step dad decided to go someplace with a friend of his, and i went along in the back seat. Dads friend was talking about his weeping willow tree in his back yard, and how the tree was messey and hard to clean up, and in the summer when he had BBQ’s and invited friends over the black beatle bugs that lived in the tree would fall into everyone food, and he wished the tree would fall over. My dad agreed and so did i, but i couldnt say anything or else i would be in the way. At that moment an angel told me the tree was gone, and i wanted to blurt it out to them they had their wish. About three months later there was a storm, and tornado warnings. The sky turned orange, and so orange it was no one could see anything outside except orange color. When the storm lifted the niebore, the same guy who was in my dads car called and his urgencey made my dad run over there, and we all followed. In a normal nieborhood this one hundred year old weeping willow tree layed over between the house and garage, just missing his neighbor’s house. If that tree had gone any place but there, there would have been something destroyed.

Another two years had passed by, and a good friend of mine name David would invite me to bible summer school, but i didnt like going because it was to much competition, and so no rewards for going or trying. Then my grandmother called and wanted us to come over, when we got there they wanted us to pray at the door, and i couldnt see doing that. After we went inside they told us of their salvation testemony, and how grandmother was saved by a friend of hers, and how grand-dad fought the idea, and wanted a divorce. He finally gave in to give her a last chance to see for himself if there was anything to it, and was saved. So we seeing this knew they were not the same people we knew because the change was so great, and this was frightning. My mother after we went home had changed too, i didnt know she had prayed for salvation with grandmother downstairs, and this also was strange after her change. It was better after mom changed, as she seemed more caring and less stress on us kids. All this and my friend David changed too, and told me much the same story, and had invited me to church. I didnt know they wanted me to do a alter call, but i couldnt see doing it, this was something between me and God, If God existed. I knew there were beings that could speak to me, but telling who or what they were for sure was hard at the time.

At this time i was watching T.V. and saw denominations of churchs fighting and wondered how they knew they were right, that if they didnt know then why would they fight? I figured at this time no one knew the truth eventhough people around me saw something, no one could help me. This was when i decided to take this up with God himself. I prayed every night, and told God i would keep myself for him, and learn from him. It was this that God knew i meant what i said and answered my prayer. I had gotten out of bed to go into the bathroom, and instead of going where i intended i found myself in a field of grass. I didnt think it was funny or strange or that i was missplaced, i just walked, and walked past a white house with four white pillars on the front, and behind that was a red barn. I walked up a hill untill i overlooked a valley standing on the edge of a cliff. As i looked rays of golden light passed from behind me as breaking forth from past the coulds onto the valley below. I saw in the valley a grove of trees, and in the midst of the trees, one very large tree. A firm voice with Authority spoke and said, “I am your king, and I am your Lord, and for your sins the branch’s will fall”. Then i saw a lightning bolt come out of the sky and strike a dead branch from the very large tree. I then found myself standing where i was before, but knew something great happened to me, and though at the time I didnt understand what had taken place, I asked my mother to see if she knew. I think i asked every denomination of paster preacher, and teacher or anyone i thought would know the meaning, and I aslo thought this was funny because if those people who had experianced a spiritual change didnt know, then maybe they didnt know God after all. Being saved doesnt mean anyone knows God. After many years and my mission went on i found the meaning of this, that the trees are people, and those seeking to be like God are those who’s branch’s are torn off untill all that remains of them is the root, and the roots is where salvation comes in by repentance of sin because there is nothing left except God. First seek out God then everything else will be added to it.

Seven more years had passed by, and my desire to be closer to God became important, and i wanted to be like Adam who could talk to God. I understood that the way I was, was imbarrasing to me to be able to go before God as I was, and prayed to change. In the morning when i woke up I went out into my living room where my girl friend was, her sister and her boyfriend waiting for me. I had just bought a new version of the new testement and was reading it every morning, and as i began to read i thought it strange that everyone in the bible did everything i had done. The words stood out of the bible like looking through a magnifying glass, and I asked my friends to listen and see if they thought it sounded like me. After i read to them and looked up, I saw three very sour looking faces, and knew they couldnt understand, and sat back and didnt say anything else. This was when i found the place in the bible where what had happend with the trees when i was taken, and this was second corinthians 3 about transformation and being changed by the glory of God. In realizing certain things because i honestly sought the truth, God couldnt help but help. Each day God came to visit was a nice clear day around noon.

The following year i had met another woman who i was interested in, and didnt know what i should do, stay with my girlfriend or be with her. I left it up to God, and i had thought God showed me to go with the new women. Then i became confused about it, and asked God to show me what i should do, and he was to meet me in church the next sunday as i was going to my mothers church. During the week i had a dream that i was flying in a old airplane with a stick controller, and so was this new women beside me. I looked ahead and saw a shinny new jet airplane flying and thought i would go see who was in it. The woman flew off in a different direction, and when i got to the jet and looked inside there was no one inside it. The jet was flying on autopilot, and the instrument panel was all lit up with flashing buttons. I had went over to my mom’s house and told her of my dream and my intent, and had gone to church the next sunday, and was looking for a dream interpreter. I thought dream interpreters were in the bible and any church should have them, but found none, and thought it strange. The church was rushing around, and they skipped the gifts of the holy spirit section of the sunday progam in order to bring in a evangelist. The evangelist stood at the pulpit and said……. When we fly a airplane we need a owners manual because we are not like the holy spirit who can avoid obstacles automatically (he was holding up the bible). We needed the bible for instruction to learn how to fly so we wouldn’t crash. The evangalist was looking around, and the holy spirit inside of me was screaming hide, and so i sank in my chair and didnt say anything. If they had the gift section of the progam, they may have learned about my dream, and then it seem to be a true miracle before all. The heaven part came together with the earth part at the same time as i sat there, and the true meaning of the dream came to me. It was simple, to follow the holy spirit. I figured that my mom must have consulted with him because of my good nature that God would show me things he wouldnt but to only a few. After that my mom lost interest in that church too. So thats what i did, just like the blind man has to come into full contact with the world to view it in a way seeing people normally would avoid, and its this spiritual truth one in the same to follow the holy spirit.

I then decided because of the dream not to see the new woman anymore, and to keep my commitment with my girlfriend. The place i worked was going out of business, some other company was interested in it, and they were selling out. All the employees decided to have a dinner in the lunch room on the last day. On that day a friend of mine named Earl came and grabbed me and told me i was missing out, and pulled me over to the line. As we were standing in line he told me that it felt like the last supper, and at that minute a angel came and told me to look, and see what has happened (behold). I looked around because i knew this by now something was going to happen and didnt want to miss it. Some people take behold as warning or to be aware, but their spiritual being isnt developed as much and so they mistake often. By the time i had gotten up to get my food some time had passed, and thought that it was probley going to be a delayed event so i wasnt watching. Earl said i have just the place for us to sit, and took me over to a table and sat me down. I was breaking my role in half when it hit me, I was sitting in the middle of a table with no one sitting on the other side because there was no chairs on that side of the table. All the other table were in the other direction as these were long tables and they left the chairs out of the main isle so everyone else could be seated at the other tables. The meaning of the last supper? to keep your commitments.

As time went on and each story became another chapter in my life i understood that the only way to understand the bible is to live life with God, and the inspired word shows the same things as the bible. Thats why the bible was written because of those activley seeking God and salvation, and not from those who really dont know because they didnt find out from God. Sure many people have the born again experience just as I have. But if you take a close look at the born again experiance it was no different than saying God is right and your willing to do what he wants, and that you might not be able to ask God for things being as you are, and is the reason for the change because of the willingness to learn. Learning doesnt stop and the born again experiance doesnt stop there as we are tought.

Eventually being all alone and knowing no one else was like myself i had asked God to show me what i was like, who i was, what i was, and who my people were. Same as Moses did when he found the burning bush. Kind of funny Moses being brought up as a living God, and had no fear of God when all others avoided the mountain. It was then i came face to face with myself just as second corinthians says, but i found it with someone who was written about no longer alive. For everything i did, and for every reason, and every year for the same reason someone else had done before me. So am i to say he didnt know God? Am i to say God didnt help me to avoid it? Or blessed am I to know God that its his spirit that Elijah the prophet had, and Jesus.

I literally thought that there were christians like those written about in the bible, but to this day i have found none. I find those instead that share a part of the picture, not yet enough to see Jesus untill they are healed to see Jesus for who he is. There is a big difference between those written about and everyone else who believes they are like those in the bible. The bible is about the lives of those who walked in the light of God, just as i have walked in the light. May the witness of Jesus life given to me show that to you. God saw fit that i should live it then find those things within the bible. The bible can confirm the word of God but for those who are willing to keep their word just as God does.

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