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Miracles after Miracles in God Jesus

1. I asked for a friend at the age 17, Jesus blessed me with a friend who shared the gospel with me and prayed for my salvation with much tears and pain for four years during our graduation from 2006-2010 and we are still best friends in 2012 but now the change is that i too have received His salvation through her prayers.

2. During my graduation, I used to be very shy of boys, I wud hardly even talk to them, when a college project was alloted to us, there were supposed to be all boys in my group of 6 and I as the only girl in the group, it scared me so much, I prayed in panic, Jesus heard me and he formed my project group with all 6 girls including my best friend Priya who prayed for my salvation which was a big big miracle for me.

3. I moved to Pune with family, far away from where Priya lived, I prayed to God to bring her near to me so that we would be together as best friends, Jesus heard my prayer, Priya’s company transferred her to Pune and now Priya lives 10 mins away from my home and we pray whenever we meet and praise the Lord for his miracles.

4. One fine day Priya’s father who is a pastor was going to a hospital to pray for patients, he had to cross the railway line just then as he was walking on the railway platform, the train forced him down to the railway line and he fell on the tracks and people saw the train running over him, as the train passed by…people were in great terror but her father got up with such great strength and jumped on the platform, not even a single scratch on his body and he went to to hospital with great joy to pray for the patients, later on he shared his testimon1y with great tears and said…at that moment when train ran over him…he screamed JESUS!!!!!!!! and just then he felt like a baby being held carefully, he felt someone hugging him tight, felt soft as cushion around him and it disappeared as the train left. He does the miracles and wonders for his people.

5. A devout married couple in Christ, they left their house and their families to serve the Lord to do his ministry, tho they were not rich but Jesus meant all their needs, their daughter’s result was due but they had no money admit her to a good college, they wanted the results to get delayed so in the mean time they would arrange money, pastor brother had to go to his home town for some urgent reason, pastor’s wife was alone with their two children and no money arrangement for her daughter’s admission, she fasted for 7 days and nights, with treas with prayed to the Lord to help her children… same month the university result got postponed all over India and millions of children we affected coz of delayed result, Pastor returned home after a week time, Jesus miraculously arranged money for daughter’s admission and just 2 days after his return the result got declared, she got admitted to a reputed college of India, there is power in a woman’s prayer and fasting, she can shake the heavens through her prayer for she has a heart of God full of grace and mercy.

5. After my post-graduation I was waiting for college campus placements, many got placed but I felt left out, I  did not lose my faith, I used to boldly declare that I will get the best job….Now I’m honored to tell you that I got placed in an MNC and achieved the best campus placement in my batch.

Dear friends…I have thousands of testimonies of Jesus happening day to day in my life. I will keep sharing more, they are so many that I can’t keep a track of them, will share more… JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The name so powerful, name above all names, we love you abba Praise the Lord amen.


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