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Prayer Please (Grad School)

Dear All,

I am sure some of you have read my posts and you can see that I started off not so well in my relationship with the Lord, but I have become much better. Anyways, I am finally in my last year of college and like I said in my old post, the lord gave me a new major. I have been doing so well and I am so much at peace and enjoying my academic experience. I am glad that he rescued me just at the right time. I have even grown so close to the Lord, and I am very proud.

Since I am in last year of college, I decided to apply to a graduate program in community health which I have always wanted to do. I did not have enough funding to submit more than 3 applications. I had the grades and everything. I sincerely went to the lord and prayed for his help. I wanted to know one school that I would get into without having to waste money on other schools which would reject me.

I had 2 schools that I knew I would get into, and I had one prestigious school I wasn’t sure of but chose to apply there. I prayed and the lord instantly answered that very moment. He gave me the prestigious school which I was not too confident. I was so scared but I remembered that sometimes God wants us to do things that do not make sense so he can show us his power.

I ask God for a sign just like David in the bible did and the very next day, someone in my class wore a T-shirt with that school name. I put the application to that only one school and remember this is the biggest risk one can ever take but I did it anyways.

I kept praying and praying. I finally heard from the school, and it rejected me. I cried so hard, but I kept saying God’s mercy endures forever and the Lord gave me the bible verse that says that the Battle I not yours but His. He also gave me, Hebrews 11 verse. All this, I believed the Lord was talking to me. I continued to see many people wear shirts of that school name and even on cars.

Sometimes, I would just laugh because it became too funny to see the school’s name that God had promised me even on random places. One pastor in church even mentioned the name and the other day I went to church, and I saw one guy wearing the same school name. All this really would not be God playing games with me, but I believe he is showing me that he is still in control.

I have struggled with my faith, but I have never had to hold God’s hand so tight ever in my life. I am doing just that right now. I believe that he did not trick me because the devil is the only person who does that. God rewards the faithful.

Now, my brothers and sisters, I need you all to help me stand in faith and believe that our Lord is forever faithful. the devil probably set me up or something and I know God will deliver his promise to me. I am too confident because I see the school name almost every single day. I believe God is fighting my battles. Please help me stand in prayer. Even if God delivers the package but with different stuff, I will always be grateful and give him all the praise. God cannot give me what I cannot handle.

Please pray for me. I am graduating in a month and I do not want to be stuck. I believe God will deliver at his time. I will share with you what the Lord is going to do. Thank you.

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