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Prayers Needed for What Was a Lost Soul

Hi All,

I am a Catholic and I have been blessed with many good things in my life. I love God and know he is real.

I have failed him many times, giving in to temptation. As a result, I believe that I have contracted an STI. He sent me warnings beforehand, which I chose to ignore. Please pray for me. I have started going to church again and praying to saints such as St Jude, St Rita and Jesus Christ. I want this to be gone. And I want to feel clean again.

Please pray with me and offer any guidance you might have for my situation. I beg God to show me the way to eternal life. I have so much love for people in this world. I now need some from you. Please pray for me and others who have sinned against God. I am very scared.


  1. John 10/22/2011
  2. mimis 10/23/2011
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